Demo Days!!

It’s official…I have pictures:)  The dust has still seized to settle!!  Here’s a little preview on what our last week has been filled with!

The before of the kitchen…

The progression of the demo…

We removed the pantry to the left and wall to the right…

All the plaster is gone, and all of the lathe, they finished that last night, just didn’t shoot a pic before I went to bed.  I know you can’t tell but I think I’ve swept and picked up this floor about 20 times now!?!  Ish…

The fireplace is gone, so is the brick.  It’s amazing how many layers some of these walls had!!

Free help, gotta love it!  Thanks Nagel!!

More free labor, and strong at that!  Thanks Cole:)

So, the reality is that we are going to be living in a pop up camper I think for a month or two…ahh!! This girl is not the camper type, so I have had a few tears over that. the long run I think we are going to have a pretty fun house when all is said and done…in another year:)

If you’re in the area swing by and I’ll let you take a few swings at a wall!  Lucky you:)


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1 thought on “Demo Days!!”

  1. Sheila Nevienski

    Hey Allie,

    Everything looks great!! Reminds me of when my husband and I renovated and gutted out the interior of our home. Just be careful not to get involved with any asbestos; a lot of those old houses are magnets for that stuff with old flooring tiles and insulation. Can’t wait to see the revolving pictures and transformations.

    See you Saturday,

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