Have you seen the new dipped furniture trend?? I think it acutally first caught my eye when it was in the clothing stores. I found my eye drawn to colorblock items like this..
colorblock sweater


and before you know it I started seeing dipped furniture.  And I loved it!



It takes an ordinary piece of furniture and creates it into a one of a kind piece!



Even if it’s just the feet of a chair.

I especially love how this piece blended chippy paint with modern clean line dipped paint.



Why am I so drawn to it?? I’m not sure, I think it’s the unexpectedness of it all.  Or how it takes something old and gives it a bit of a modern twist. Either way, I’m smitten.

Hally's, Parsons Green, London


It’s playful as well:)



and I love how you can even do it with other things around your house.



This basket is acutally quite expensive and you buy it already dipped, but how easy to do it yourself!



So anyway, when deciding my next project, I took this into consideration.  Ever since I had put my chair by the fireplace I didn’t like that I didn’t have a small table to set my coffee on.  So important!


So remember the small stumps Ry got me before, the ones he thought would work for my DIY stump tables but were a little too small??  Well, I think one may just as well work for the perfect side table to my chair.  It was about the size of a garden stool, which would snuggle under that big lamp just perfect!

So first I had to take the bark off.

photo (77)

Since this stump had been sitting outside for almost a year, it had a lot of time to dry out and the bark actually came off in one piece!  Boy was that easy!

photo (76)

After that I did a light sanding on it with the power sander I white washed the whole stump.  You can see how to white wash here.

Then I taped off where I wanted my dipped part to be and painted it a solid white.

photo (79)

Lastly I put three coats of polycrilic on it to seal it up before I took it into the house.  I also had three vintage casters in the shed that I drilled into the bottom to add a little more character.

So here’s how she sits today…

Dipped stump table

I even love the natural cracks in the wood.


It was the perfect size..



The best part about it?  It was free.  Man do I love that!

So do you have an ordinary piece of furniture that you want to make into an original?  Go grab your tape and paint brush and get to work!


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13 thoughts on “DIPPED FURNITURE”

  1. Simple lines make the furniture look tasteful and appealing and are also very
    safe for the youngsters. So let’s say you find your man power and you have a small army of people
    ready to lift furniture; whats your next move. Consider the space of the bedroom as
    opposed to the gigantic shelf your kid is pointing at.

  2. I love this! So simple but so cute. And the casters are perfect! I have a question, I am in love with all white design in homes, including your of course, but I have 3 littles so the white kind of freaks me out. How do you keep everything clean and stain free? Especially the couches and chairs!?

    1. Thanks Chelsia! Well, I always tell people that you really shouldn’t be a type A person if you are going to go with the white. I am not. So I can handle if I see a little spot. But, I must say there is a lot less of a headache if my kids gets something on my white furniture and I know I can spot treat it and bleach it and throw it in the wash with all the slipcovers:) I’m more afraid of furniture without slips:) As for the trim, it just needs to get washed down once in a while, but it’s really not as bad as you would think. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Allie,

        Have you made all of your slip covers? Or for those of us who don’t sew do you know a place to get cheap ones?

        1. I do make them all. I’m not sure where you can get custom slips, but if you are just looking for basic ones I know they have some decent ones at Target. They can get a little pricey though, if you have any sewing know how I suggest you try one, they are a lot easier than you’d think!:)

  3. I realize this is probably one of the simpler things you’ve done, but it’s one of my favs! Looks wonderful. Fits beautifully. Love the character. The casters made it!!!! Great job!!!

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