So, this past weekend I was able to leave my home for 30 hours (yippee!!) and go to the cities with my mom and sister where we got to attend a Beth Moore conference.  If you have never heard of her then check that link out…she’s the cutest little southern spitfire lady you’ve ever met.  Oh, and God speaks through her….need I say more???  So anyway, I was super excited to go to this conference to get a little fire lit back up if you know what I mean, and hear from God:)  I have done a bible study of Beth’s and knew a few people that went to a couple of her conferences and said, you’re life will be changed.  Yay!  So exciting…

So I gotta tell you something, I went Friday night and Saturday morning and nothing.  I mean sure there was amazing worship with Jesus and great stories to listen to, but I was just so discouraged because I just felt like the message wasn’t for me.  The theme for the weekend…Untangled.  Basically she was talking about living a life where you are not tangled up inside, you have freedom!  Freedom from past hurts, sins, grudges, fears..etc.  Well the thing was is that I wasn’t feeling too tangled at the moment.  Sure I’m freaking out if we did the right thing buying a 100 year old house, but I didn’t think that was really qualifying…and sure I don’t have a perfect marriage, but it’s been really good lately…and sure I don’t have my Christian walk together all the time, but that’s a continual battle I’m fighting.  So what Lord are you trying to speak to me through this conference?  I was actually starting to get a little frustrated with the Lord, thinking every one else is having these life changing moments and I am racking my brain trying to have one for myself….and then it came!

Beth’s point #7 out of #9.  Don’t underestimate Jesus:)  He pretty much spoke to me the whole last 2 hours of the conference!

#7 was:  If destruction fails to entangle us, DISTRACTION will do his best.  Boom.  There it is.  Can I get an amen:)  I hear you now Lord!  She proceeded to go on about how so many of us have SADD, Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder.   I have to tell you, I have really been trying to have prayer time every day for this last month, and realized that if I write out my prayers I get LESS distracted…but for some stupid reason I always feel the need to take my phone with me and if it makes any sort of noise I have to check it, don’t mind that I’m in a conversation with the one who created me!  Really allie?? Really??  So  yes, needless to say I got the message.  Distractions are keeping me from a truly intimate relationship with God, and there will always be distractions all around.  So now my challenge is to limit them.  Not bring them with me.  Tune them out, unplug them…do whatever I have to do to get back to a point where I can fully meditate and spend time with Jesus without thinking of 20 other things.

So that’s it.  That’s what the Lord spoke to me this weekend…distractions.  Things that seem important, or things that need to get done…when really Jesus is just saying quiet yourself and come to me.  I”m going to try to work on this…I encourage you to do it too if this is something that is hindering you:)



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