After making my DIY window boxes, I thought it would be fun to make some wood box/crates for Whimsy.  I’m always looking for an easy centerpiece to sit on my dining room table that I can set on and set off without moving a bunch of stuff and thought this would be the ticket.  A longer box that I could fill with different things seasonally.  But as I started thinking of summer I thought it would be fun to have them also serve a purpose.  Like a fun drink tray.  And how perfect to have it before the 4th of July and all of the entertaining that will take place.  So, I made them a lot like the window boxes, just minus the added trim and brackets:)  I then added rope handles and a little stenciling and made my drink tray..


they are 2 feet long and about 16″ wide, so they make quite a statement.


I did leave some trays blank, but in my opinion you don’t just have to use this as a drink tray.  I’d put it on my table with all sorts of stuff in it.


Although the S. Pelligrino looks quite pretty in it:)


Add a bucket of ice and some glasses and you’re ready to entertain!


Oh, and a pretty background…


A pretty background never hurts!

The next project is going to be a little eye candy.  I have been working with a client/friend on their lake cabin and the finished project is turning out amazing!  I’m hoping to show you a blog on the cabin one day soon, but until then I’ll just show you the shelves I made for above the toilet.

photo (38)

I used the same brackets as I have on my window boxes and added some stained boards on top.  I love how they look, and they function quite well too!  I also made some with gray brackets and barn board tops for Whimsy.  I think they’d work great in a bathroom, bedroom, office…pretty much anywhere!

The rest of the photos are not staged at all, they are actually the text the sisters and I send back and forth to show each other what we are working on.  But I had to share because there are some really fun new things this time!


for the horse lover!


These arrows are to die for, they hang horizontal on the wall.  She made them in wood as well!


For the gardener.


and the lake house.

And a little something for everyone!

Come on by and say hi next week, Thursday and Saturday from 9-3.  You can find more information on our facebook page!


And because my pregnancy is flying by, I thought I’d give you an updated belly shot.

photo (37)

I just went to the doctor today and heard a healthy heart beat.  I’ve gained 18 pounds so far, craving everything sweet…brownies for breakfast anyone?!? and am suddenly enjoying strong smells such as stain, peppermint, chlorine, and weird things like that!  Don’t worry everyone…I enjoy them but don’t indulge in them;)  Although I do stand in the shower and sniff my new Young Living spearmint lavender shampoo and conditioner.  Seriously, so yummy!!  Just another weird pregnancy side effect.  I haven’t been working out, (I don’t really believe in it:) but living life on the farm, gardening, and getting ready for Whimsy has kept me “somewhat” in shape:):)  I’m still sleeping good, I just have Ry give me a push when I need to get out of bed:) and am enjoying every second of feeling peanut inside me.  Now I just can’t wait to find out what “peanut” is!!!


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  1. WOW! You are so cute! And ALL belly! It looks like a beach ball on toothpicks!
    A really cute fashionably dressed beach ball. :)

  2. Please tell me where & when Whimsy is located!!! I want to come! Thanks, and I love the bathroom…expecially the mirror!

    1. The Whimsy sale is next Thursday and Saturday from 9-3, the 26th and 28th! We are located in a small town called Dassel, you can find our address and map on our facebook page that I linked up in the post! Hope to see you:)

  3. Great ideas ~ love the drink box….. and that bathroom looks so cute… do you mind sharing the color of the paint? I love it and have been looking for a blue/gray for my bathroom… right now… may different test colors on the wall, none of which I love….


  4. Love the drink holder and I’ll be pinning that for a future project.
    I’m loving the arrows. I hope there will be a tutorial for those of us who don’t live close enough to shop Whimsy.
    Can’t wait to see the reveal of your friends house.

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