Drop Cloth Chairs

I’m not sure if you remember or not, but awhile back I found a blog that I fell in love with that made slipcovers out of drop clothes.   It is Miss Mustard Seed and she has amazing talent and ideas.  Anyway, I finally put some of her techniques to use and purchased my first drop cloth.  and my second and third:)  I have found quite a few fun uses for them but today I am just going to show you one of them:)  Remember my black table and chairs that I had at our old house??  It looked like this…

a black set I got while I was in college from my family for $175 at the Kmart…I love looking for deals:)

Well, since moving into our new house I wanted a fresh feel and painted it white so it would look like this…

and while I liked the fresh new feel it had, I wasn’t in love with the chairs anymore.  I had thought about buying x-back chairs…but the hubby thought it was ridiculous to spend close to $400 on chairs that we already had and worked just fine.  Okay, I get it.  I had purchased parson chairs from an online auction and thought I could slip those since the price was right…but they were too big.  My options??  Slip these chairs:)  So, off to Home Depot I went to buy a $20 drop cloth.

Here’s a picture of my chair before…

and here’s what it looks like after…almost finished…

I love that it gives it a bit of an upholstered feel and warms up the area as well!

This is why I said “almost” finished….there are still pins in the back:)  I am going to get some grosgrain white ribbon and make a couple of ties in the back.  Don’t worry, they have only been sitting like this for about a month now:)  Drives the hubby crazy.  One day I’ll finish them!

Another reason I said “almost.”  Which of these is not like the others?? :)  Like I said, I have done a few projects with the drop clothes so I keep running out, and I’m not sure if you are a country or city person, but our local Home Depot is about 40 miles away and I can’t just run there at a drop of a dime.  Bummer.  Living in the country does save me money though…sometimes:)

The view from my office.  I love the light that pours in that big window too!! Such a great place to eat breakfast and lunch:)

am I just obsessing now?? Just wanted to say that the box pleat is my new favorite skirt for furniture.  It does take a lot of material though, so be prepared!

Last one…I promise:)

Much better:)  So, another drop cloth and about an hour later and I should have this project finished up….we’ll see how long it takes:)


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