Dropping The Ball On Friendships

I am a home body.  Do you know that term….are you familiar??? You probably are if you are one too:)  I love to be at home.  Always have from a young age!  It’s not that I think my home is superior to other peoples, and it’s not that I don’t need to get out for sanity sake, it’s just that I find a lot of security in my home.  I think some of it does have to do with growing up in such a stable loving home, thanks mom and dad!! and knowing that it’s a place of love and security.  Now with my own family, home is the place I want to create for my kids.   I have never realized how much security was wrapped up in my home until we moved…and didn’t have a home to move into.  Wow!  Hard!  Okay, now I’m getting off the topic.

Some of you may be thinking what does a home body have to do with dropping the ball in friendships??  Well, for me a lot.  I’m going to dig back into my past 10+ years and re-visit my high school years.  I know high school isn’t a positive experience for everyone, but I had a blast.  And what made my high school years a blast was the friendships I had.  For some reason God guarded my heart from boys and the world with providing me with great friends.  He always has!!  But the point being, I didn’t have time for guys in high school.  I was too busy with my girls.  And they were great:)  We had such healthy and clean fun…not quite sure how to word it, but let’s just say we had a lot of fun:)  We would hang out at each others houses eating jalapenos and snicker bars while watching tv.  We would carve pumpkins every year in the fall like we were still in elementary school and love it!  We would go on mini vacations and big vacations and for me…create lasting memories!! I even had one sweet amazing friend that lived a couple of blocks from school but would wake up early…in high school mind you!!…to come pick me up (5 miles out of town) and take me to school so that I didn’t have to ride the loser cruiser..aka..bus!  Do people even do that anymore??

The part that has really been hitting me hard the last couple of years is that I dropped the ball on my high school friends, and I’m sure they felt it.  I honestly didn’t intentionally do it.  I went away to college (which was really hard for a home body) so when I came home…when everyone else was getting together, I wanted to be home.  I chose to be with my family over my friends.  At the time I didn’t think it was that big of deal…I was creating new friends at college, I still had girls to hang out with.  I didn’t lack friends.   But as the last couple of years have past the Lord has really put a hole/yearning in my heart for my high school friends.  It’s almost like the memories seem like yesterday even though they were 10 years ago.  I haven’t even talked to most of them in 5-10 years and don’t know what’s going on in their day-to-day lives…but I know that I miss them. :)  This verse has kept coming back to me,

“This is how I want you to conduct yourself in these matters. If you enter your place of worship and, about to make an offering, you suddenly remember a grudge a friend has against you, abandon your offering, leave immediately, go to this friend and make things right. Then and only then, come back and work things out with God. Matthew 5:23-24

In my case it’s if I have wronged a friend, and I feel I did.  God made us relational beings, he wants a relationship with us just as badly as we want them with our spouse, our family, and our friends.  That is in our beings.  The Lord has laid these amazing ladies on my heart so I can apologize for “dropping the ball” on our friendship.  For letting them go too easily.  I know that a lot of time has past but my prayer is that I can reconnect with some of these friends and make things right, even though we are scattered across the country.  But most of all to let them know that I am sorry, and ask forgiveness and try to make it right:)  And to tell them all that they have created lasting memories for me:)

p.s.  I was hoping to put a really cheesy high school pic in here for everyone but since realized that I don’t have any on my computer and the rest of them are still packed away outside in a shed…bugger!!!

Okay, before it gets too cheesy I wanted to say that everyone comes into our lives for a reason and serve a purpose.  Thank you so much girls of 2001 for serving such a large purpose in my life.  I’m really sorry if I didn’t let you know or show you how important you were:)   So for anyone else that this blog has struck a cord with I pray that you can make it right with people you felt you have wronged…or Jesus for that matter.  He desires a relationship as well that many of us over look!



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