Every change of season I pull out my seasonal bins and start decorating there.  Inevitably there are always a few things that I no longer like or that have passed their prime.  So after I use what I have I go around each room and try to figure out a way to make (cheaply) the rest.  That and maybe a Home Goods run usually finish it off;) So this year since I started with some different pillows, my last year pillows no longer worked.  That was on my list. As was some fun fall pennants.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and it caught my eye..



I’m pretty sure I loved them because they were neutral:)  But either way, I thought they were pretty great.

They also looked awesome on old wood crates…which, I got a ton more for Whimsy on Thursday and Saturday of this week!


And the white pumpkins…LOVE!

So, if you wnat to see how to make them how she did, you can check out her blog above, she did a great job explaining them.  I myself found an oak leaf pattern on Mama Google like this..

leaf pattern

since I don’t have an oak tree in my front yard.  I then traced a pattern on regular paper and cut it out. Since I wanted more than one I found one more pattern to trace.  I didn’t think all of my leaves should be identical!


So now I had my pattern.  I then used my favorite materail…drop cloth!  It actually worked great for these.  I traced my pattern on and cut out 4 at a time, trust me..it’s a lot faster that way:)

After I cut them out I took my left over coffee from the day before and put it in a bowl. I then dipped each leaf in the bowl and wrang it out to dry on the concrete.

DIY leafs

There they are all drying.  They look quite realistic don’t they?  What I love about coffee staining them is that when they dry, more of the coffee for some reason seems to stay around the edges, so they have different colors in them.  And they also fray just a bit which makes them look more realistic as well.

Now in the blog I read she starched them and ironed in the veins in the leaves.  I actually got a different idea when I saw them.  I wanted to sew the veins and try putting these cuties on pillows!

So, here’s a close up..

Leaf Pillow

The sewing helped add a little bit of character.

and how they turned out!

Fall pillow

I made a couple of different sizes.

Fall pillows

I made the “5” pillow as well, by just stenciling on a big 5 to a white pillow cover with paint.

So, once I got some on pillows I decided to try the garland.

leaf garland

It brings just a subtle hint of fall:)

Leaf garland

and after I did the leaves I thought all sorts of pennants would be fun like this!

thankful pennant

I have a few more that are just waiting to get glued to the jute:)

So, those are just a few fun DIY fall crafts to get your juices flowing.  But…if you decide you don’t have  the time you can just come shop at Whimsy Green this Thursday and Saturday from 9-3 and buy some for yourself.  We will have everything I showed plus oh so much more!!

If you follow me on instragram @prvbsthirtyonegirl you can see everything I’ve been working on for Whimsy in between posts, or look up hashtag #buyitatwhimsy to see more!

Here’s a sneak peek of what else will be there…

fall chalkboard

I’m loving a little bit of gold!

photo (82)

rustic fun!

photo (83)

and traditional!

We hope to see you this weekend!  Keep and eye out on our facebook page for photos the night before !


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6 thoughts on “FALL CRAFT PROJECTS”

  1. Hi, Allie,

    I was a Whimsy Green shopper on Saturday and enjoyed seeing everything in the barn, as usual — even in the rain! I have a question for you: I bought a wonderful green wreath made of green grasses — love it! Once I got it home, I realized I could use a second one so I could hang matching wreaths in two identical windows. Might you have another one I could buy, or is it possible to special order another one? Thanks so much!

    1. Susan! Thanks for being such a great follower, even in the rain!! I loved those wreaths as well:) But unfortunately we did have 2 but they both sold:( We don’t ever buy wholesale, it’s always just deals we find, so unfortunately I can’t order one either! The idea sounds so cute though!

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