Fall Decorating

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the crisp weather, I love sweatshirt season and campfires.  I love apple cider and candles burning.  I love it all, and I wish it would last at least 3 months.  But it doesn’t.  That’s why I feel like I have to start decorating a little early, to enjoy it as long as I can:)

This year especially with not knowing what’s ahead I wanted to get a jump start on it, so last night I found all of my fall totes in the shed and pulled them inside.  I only had an hour to work on it, so I didn’t get very far.  And what I did do I just wasn’t feeling…so today I decided to start over.  But, instead I went to the outside.  The outside was a much easier task for me because since we are in the country now I can benefit a little better with free country commodities, like corn stalks from the garden, pumpkins and branches galore.  I love free decorating!!

I started with the guest house and hacking down some of our sweet corn last night.  It’s not totally dry yet, so I’ll like it even better when all of the green is gone:)

I had made the welcome sign awhile ago and hung it from the eaves, but it blends well with fall:)

I was so excited that so many of our pumpkins actually grew!  I’m kind of in love with the green cinderella pumpkins.  And although I don’t use orange in my house to decorate, I love a pop of it outside.

I have been begging for stumps for quite some time now for end tables in my fireplace room, (weird..I know, but someday I’ll show you:)  and one night ryan came home with some.  He was so proud and I was too….just had to break it to him gently that they were a little smaller than what I was hoping for.  He tells me I’m going to have to hire a lumberjack to get the stumps I want:)  But…the stumps are not going to waste, they work great for fall decor!

and I have been himming and hawing about what color to paint this door.  Ever since Ryan booed my cheery yellow door idea I’ve been stuck.  And then I saw it…


yep, she’s purtty.

A black door…that’s what I’m gonna do.  And I kinda like the numbers on it as well…


it dresses it up a bit.  So maybe in the near future I’ll have a door redo:)

Well that’s it for the guest house, my next stop was the front porch.  We don’t have a ton of room, and Ryan will probably hate the clutterness of it all, but he’ll survive:) Right babe:)

the far away shot.

and the close up..

The best part about this project was that it didn’t cost me a dime.  I made the number pillow for whimsy and then decided to keep it for myself.  Don’t worry though, I made more:)  So if you need one for yourself either craft one or swing on by at the end of September:)

another stump:)  and I lied.  I did buy one thing.  I bought the Olive Garden round bulb lights at Target on sale for $9.  I was going to use them in the barn but I’m kinda liking them here, and can’t wait to see them at night:)

Last one:)  It looks a little odd with green leaves still a blowing, but I was giddy.  And the falling leaves will only add to the decor.

Did I mention I love fall?? Do you??


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4 thoughts on “Fall Decorating”

  1. Stopping in to pin, love the porch. After I saw the sign on the porch, I was pretty sure I either bought a farm implement (not really) but probably flooring from someone on your husbands side of the family.

  2. Fall is the absolute best time of year!! The air is crisp and clean smelling and the colors are amazing! And those green pumpkins….I must get the seeds for those. You should consider decorating consultant….can’t you see yourself going to people’s homes and bringing along a few items to add with what you can find in their garage, attic or basement, and decorate exteriors, not that you couldn’t do interiors, but doing exteriors, in my opinion, takes more flair, to which your cup runneth over with!

    Much love and blessings to you and yours!

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