Fall is my favorite season, I love the colors, the smell, the cooler weather.  I love everything about it, everything except that it’s my busiest season.  So lately I’ve been wishing away the last few weeks of fall and I”m kinda sad about that.  One of these years I’ll figure out how to balance out my work load.  This just wasn’t the year.

So, I’m late to the fall decor game.  Not because my house hasn’t been decorated, but because I haven’t had enough time to clean it all, and take pictures, and blog about it;)  So when we had a church gathering here the other night, I took a few minutes to snag some pics.  I didn’t hide things or stage things or move things around, so you’ll see how we really live.  Although it’s never all this clean at once…haha.  I usually have my tribe right behind me “loving” the clean room, and “loving” to mess it all up again.  But you guys gave me the sweetest feedback when I hopped on and took a tour of our main level of our house on instagram stories, that I thought I’d give you a few still shots:)




This room gets the most amazing afternoon sun.  The “golden” hour.  I quick snapped pics on my phone and it just so happened to be that time of night.  Not always the best in photos, but quite dreamy in person:)


My mantle this year wasn’t my favorite, but I didn’t fuss.  I pulled out my fall totes, used what I had, and got it done in a couple of hours.  No time to arrange and rearrange this year;)



I did however, love the simplicity of the dining room.  I made a batch of these signs for Whimsy and love how it “cozied” the space right up. That and the corn toppers I always love to add.  They bring in such great texture, height, and color.  Oh, and they’re free.  So there’s that:)


a lot of people wondered where I got my pillows from, and this cute black and white guy was from H&M home.  They have amazing pillows for great prices, but you’ve gotta grab them right away, cause once they are gone, they are gone.  Like these guys, they only lasted a month of so…


and here’s the first sneak peeks into the newly painted white kitchen.  I say I have no time and then I do a dumb move like that:)  I paint my cabinets.  I seriously questioned my sanity on that one.  But you know how once you get something in your head, like how you want the color of your cabinets to flow with the rest of your house per se….you can’t NOT see that they don’t?!?  Yeah, that’s how I was.  To the point that I said, just paint the cabinets so you can move on with your life.  Okay….not really, but kinda;)


and honestly, I absoloutley love them now! Don’t get me wrong, I really liked my cabinets for quite a few years.  And I still liked the idea of them, I just didn’t like that they didn’t flow anymore.  I wanted to get rid of the polished nickel pulls, and I wanted to add black ones, but I didn’t like the black with the gray cabinets so one thing leads to the next and pretty soon you are doing a full on kitchen remodel:)  Well, thankfully I didn’t have to go that far!  And between you and me….I still havent painted the back of the cabinet doors.  What I can’t see doesn’t hurt me:)  I figured that was a good winter project anyway!




and I never did clearly mention what I did for a table in here since I kidnapped my other one for the addition.  But amazingly, I had this little guy in the shed because it never sold at Whimsy.  Painted black and everything.  I snagged some of the metal target patio chairs to put around it and it was a quick and cheap fix for the moment.  I don’t think it will last forever…the chairs kinda bug because the seat is so big that they don’t all slide in, but for now they work;)


and a few people asked about my new entry rug as well.  I got it on overstock, it was an indoor/outdoor rug and I thought maybe it would be fun to change up from my jute everything obsession.  And although I like the idea of it, it shows absoloutley every little piece of dirt or leaf or whatever is on it!  It vacuums up nicely, but I would have to vaccum it 12 times a day during leaf falling season if I wanted it to look good.  Grrr… I didn’t realize how much jute hides.  I think I may be making the switch back after fall, because the plaid looks kinda cute with my fall decor;)


And I just snapped a couple of photos in the addition.  Not too much has changed.  The black and white pillows lent themselves nicely to the fall decor as well So I just added a few touches here and there:)


That’s all I’ve got for you.  Now I’m heading back to my 24/7 life of whimsy.  Well, not really…I honestly have been able to take time off and spend time with my family enjoying this beautiful weather.  And if you’ve been following along with me on instagram you know our exciting news that we bought the cutest little cabin a few weeks ago.   That’s a whole other blog post coming soon, to fill you in on all of the ideas floating around in this brain of mine.  But I have to focus on one thing at a time, and unfortunately that isn’t the cabin, not quite yet.  All that to say that we sneak out there every chance we can get to take a quick pontoon ride or eat supper lake side.  It’s been nice little “evening” getaways for us to stop and enjoy my favorite season:)

Happy Fall!



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  1. Michele Marnell

    Hi Allie.
    You’re home is beautiful!
    I’m wondering where did you find the small black pendant lights over the island? I’ve been searching and searching; however, I can’t seem to find all black under 11″ wide. Thanks!

  2. I love your white cabinets! I’ve done the whole “I’ll get to the other side at another time” in a few houses now 😂. Painting cabinets is not fun. Anyway, I wanted to know if you happen to remember the paint color of your cabinets and of your staircase. It looks like a very soft, yet bright white in photos, love it!

    1. Thank you! And yes, I haven’t gotten to painting the back yet either;) All the white in my house is color matched to Benjamin Moores Simply White:) It is a soft, little warmer white, and I have really liked it!

  3. Where did you get your towel bar on your kitchen island? I am looking for one like that. Everything is beautiful in your house !

  4. I absolutely love your home and style. I always feel so motivated after I see your home!! I have a table similar to the one you moved to your beautiful addition that I am going to refinish like yours. I love all your board and batten and shiplap. Oh geez, I love it all!!

  5. Allie, you have a lovely, serene looking home (hopefully to offset the craziness of your daily life). Congratulations on your cabin purchase. I’ll look forward to forthcoming posts about it. In the meantime, best wishes for a fantastic fall. Cheers, Ardith

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