I Must Confess…

I stole!

Shame on me…I couldn’t resist.

Every couple of days we go out to visit the farmhouse to make sure someone hasn’t gone and moved it:)  And when we get out there our fears and worries about finances, fixing a 100-year-old house, and moving all seem to vanish.  It is so incredibly peaceful out there!  So I just had to.  I had to bring some of it home with me…even though it isn’t officially ours yet:)

Can you blame me??? Aren’t they just GORGEOUS!!  I am in love with lilacs, their color, their smell..everything!  If only I could get them to bloom all summer:)

I just love the pop of color they brought to my dining room! (nice head in the mirror allie…that’s me on a stay at home day:)

So shame on me, the Lord will deal with me later…but for now it was worth it:)

I was also going to mention that cute little “L” I got for my pitcher..if you noticed it:)  I found a lady that makes the vinyl letters and numbers so you can stick them onto just about anything.  They come in 4″ sizes and you can get 5 letters or numbers for $15.  The real reason I got them was because I wanted them for my canisters on my counter.

I have a fourth too, just didn’t fit on this counter.  They sure make them pop though don’t they?  Love it!  They spruced up my $5 dollar garage sale buy just perfectly!!  If you’re interested you can find her products here.  I think you can also make your own if you have a cricut…but unfortunately I do not.

So I hope you are enjoying the flowering shrubs and bushes as much as I am…and watch out, I might just be cutting some out of your yard next:)  Teasing!


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1 thought on “I Must Confess…”

  1. nicolle erickson

    Hey Allie~
    Beautiful flowers — nothing like the smell of a lilac in spring, I say. Grandma Margaret had HUGE bushes of them, all colors too, I think. She’d be proud of this post today. :) Thanks for the fun pics you throw in, too — Great job!

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