I Took a Big Risk Last Night

So I had gotten a little inspiration a long way back to redo Tate’s dresser.  If you don’t remember it looked like this before:

Cute little blue dresser I had gotten from The “Little Red Hen” here in town.  Super cute store!

Anyway, I was browsing through my favorite fellow blogger:

and found this super cute little dresser she redid for her master bedroom.
Stinkin cute, right?  You can find out how she did her’s here.
Anyhow, I also loved the distessing I have been seeing at Miss Mustard Seed.  This piece especially caught my eye:
Cute huh?
So, this was my experience:
1.)  I started by taking off the knobs.
2.)  Then I started sanding.
I was loving the look of this sanded down it gave me inspiration for the rest of the dresser, but I kept going…
I left a little pit of paint on for character, plus the fact that there used to be key holes that had been filled in…bummer.  I also drilled the hole bigger and added a second 5″ apart for my rope pulls.
3.)   Make a paint and water mixture to paint on the drawer to take away the orange look.
I just bought the 97 cent paint at Walmart in gray and added about a 1/2 cup of water, brushed it on with a foam brush, let it sit about a minute and wiped it off.  Not too noticeable, but it took out the orange tinge.
4.)  I made rope pulls out of rope I bought at Runnings.  It was about $10 for a big roll of it, and I still have about half left.
5.)  Find a font, this one is called gunplay…and trace them onto the drawers.
6.)  Paint the numbers in, I just used the gray paint, not watered down this time though.  Finished product:
So I was in love until my mom said, “What are you going to do with the fronts of the drawers,” and my hubby said, “Aren’t you going to sand down the rest of the dresser?”  Haha, guess they missed out on my vision.
This is it, she’s done.  Some of you may hate it, but me personally am enjoying the risk I took.  I’m thinking it will look just right in Tate’s soon to be new room!  Pretty soon I’ll show you and see if you agree:)
So, a quick update….We moved Tate into his new room and realized I need to paint the numbers in white to make them pop a bit more…and I’m loving how it looks!
and just one more…:)
Sorry mom, but I love it:)


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13 thoughts on “I Took a Big Risk Last Night”

  1. I just found your website and love you home, style. I was originally visiting to see your dinning room table change, but I just love your home. As for your son’s dresser, perfect. Kids are hard on furniture and if it already looks distressed then it just adds to the look when they age it too. Alaina

  2. Hi! I realize this post is over two years old but I found this on pinterest and was wondering about the ABC artwork you have. I have these exact flash cards and wanted to display them in my boys room as well. Did you frame them? Or mod podge them onto a large piece of wood? It’s hard to tell from the picture. I love the idea of it!!


  3. Well, I’m calling it, and in your words…this is stinkin’ cute!! Found you at Miss Mustard Seed! Love the rope pulls too! Great job!

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