Okay, so I don’t really consider myself to be the biggest dog person in the world.  Hence the reason I don’t instagram or post photos of my dog every day, or barely at all.  But I do think that we have the best dog in the world.  Ryan grew up with golden retrievers his whole life, and so when I married him I knew that someday we would have one too.  And it didn’t take long.  A little while after we were married we got a golden.  And this dog is pretty special to us, because her momma, Remington, was my hubby’s brothers dog.  Eric (Ryans brother) died way too early, but we were able to keep a little bit of him alive through our puppy Neeko.  Unfortunately Eric’s dog (Neeko’s momma) died earlier this year:(  So when we had the chance to breed Neeko, we decided now was the time.  Neeko was getting older and breeding her any later would be too hard on her.  We very much wanted the chance to keep one of Neeko’s pups and keep the line going.

I know breeding dogs is controversial, trust me, I’ve received some hate mail already….but I’d really appreciate only positive comments:)  We aren’t breeding Neeko to get rich, we are breeding her cause we want one of her pups, think it will be a great experience for the kids, and can’t wait to snuggle a batch of puppies!:) :)

Neeko is a purebred, so of course we wanted to find a purebred to mate her with.  We found one a little ways away named Buddy.  I couldn’t believe how much him and Neeko looked alike.

photo (32)

Neeko is on the right and Buddy is on the left.  Neeko was the runt of her litter and although we were initally drawn to the fluffier lighter pups, her demeanor won us over.  She was a little sweet snuggler from the beginning, and so well behaved.  Buddy, we were told, is also an amazing dog.  He actually protects the chickens they have from the owls that have been getting them.  So sweet.  Neeko has been trained to hunt, so I don’t think she’d be “protecting” any chickens….if you know what I mean:)

She is the sweetest dog in the world though…

photo (30)

and she’s a bit spoiled.  She comes in at night and usually sleeps in our room on her bed. (Trust me when I say I NEVER thought I’d have a big dog in my house.) But we have trained her that she can’t come on the living room carpet or rug.  She doesn’t go on furniture, she’s only allowed on the stairs and our bedroom.  The stairs are by far her favorite spot.

photo (31)

Although now that’s she’s getting bigger, she isn’t fitting quite as well:)

She is AMAZING with the kids…


I’ve never once worried that’s she’d every nip at a kid.  The kids can pretty much do whatever to her and she’ll just lay there. Poor girl:)  But she is territorial, and barks when strangers come, which I’ve learned to appreciate, especially in the country when you can’t always hear people pull up.  I’m sure the UPS man is getting sick of it though:)


So, we are due to have our little batch of puppies NEXT WEEK!  We are so excited…and a little nervous:)  We are setting up a nice little place for them in our office, for at least the first couple of weeks, and I’m going to be putting my video monitor on Neeko here in the next couple  of days just to make sure I can keep an eye on her in case to goes into labor during the night.  Buddy’s family already wants a puppy, and depending on how many she has, I think there are a few more takers as well.  I’ll let you know if there are any left if anyone is interested:)  And I”ll be sure to post lots of pics of these little cuties!  Pray everything goes well, I’ve watched a bunch of you tube videos:) and talked to my mother-in-law who has watched quite a few batches be born, so I’m hoping that helps!!


As for me, I’ve just been filling holes on this dreary, thunderstorm-y day!  Hopefully I’ll have a painted reveal to show you soon!



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7 thoughts on “I’M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!!”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I introduced myself to you the last time I was in town. It just happened to be on the weekend of Whimsy Green, so it was fun to stop by and shop. Anyway, my daughter is in love with Golden Retrievers. If you happen to have a big batch and can’t get rid of all of them, let me know. We are coming back into town this summer. It would be fun to get her one.

  2. We “did the puppy thing” about 5 years ago. I was nervous, but like you I read everything I could about how to prepare and what to have on hand. Made an appointment with the Vet to have an x-ray so we knew how many to expect and I talked to her about my concerns. She said that since my dog was Alpha, I probably wouldn’t have to do anything to help. She was right. All I had to do was clean up afterward and little Mommy took care of everything like an expert. Enjoy them. It’s an awesome experience!

  3. Let us know when puppies come!!! I do not want another dog. .. but absolutely want to see some fresh little puppies!!! (And I’ll want to take one home. .. but remind me that I do NOT want another dog. .. please)

  4. congratulations of your upcoming puppies!!! we’ve had a few litters ourselves of renascence bulldogs and its an amazing (yet difficult) experience. the main priorities are keeping the whelping box clean and trimming the puppy’s nails (if they are too long, they scratch mommy’s breasts and cause infection and mastitis). looking forward to the pictures and i pray for a safe and healthy delivery!

  5. Mandy Van Ert

    So exciting!!! If you have any left, be sure to let me know :) Mike and I would be very interested :) snuggle the puppies for me! I have been praying for your family and your little growing baby. Keep showing those belly pictures! You are just too cute!

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