IT’S A……………


Beckett Titus Lundeen was such a good little boy who listened to his Momma and came 2 weeks early, making his entrance into the world at 3:27 in the morning on August 7th.  He was not a good little boy in the fact that he came really fast, too fast in fact for his Momma to get the drugs she so desperately wanted!

IMG_4554 - Copy

Do you see that death grip on the railing there??  That was my, “put the camera away dear!! smile:)”

IMG_4555 - Copy

and here was a little break in the action.

I started contracting wednesday night around 9, and by 11:30 they were 2-3 minutes apart.  I woke up Ryan and told him it was go time, so he quick packed a bag and we headed in.

We got to the hospital at 12:30 and I was at a 5.  They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said most definitely, but I could probably make it another hour or so.  Well, turns out the anesthesiologist was in surgery and came down when I was ready to push.  Having never done it “el natural”  before, I didn’t realize all the pressure meant it was time for little man to make his entrance, and since I didn’t get checked before the epidural came, I didn’t realize it was already too late.  I can honestly say I had never wanted to experience natural childbirth (God bless those that do) and I can honestly say I never want to experience it again:).  Call me crazy but I love drugs.  They are amazing.  I missed them.  But I survived!

IMG_4556 - Copy

Beckett Titus joined our family at 3:27 int he morning..

IMG_4558 - Copy

Weighing 7 lbs 3 oz, and we were sooo excited to finally find out what Peanut was!!!


We actually saw so much of Jules in him, which I think was a little blessing from Jesus.

And if you follow me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl, you saw this photo…

photo (50)

He even has her hair!!

I can’t lie and say there hasn’t been a ton of emotions the last week and a half and memories of our sweet baby girl that came up.  But overall we are just so grateful to have a healthy little boy to love and snuggle and kiss and as Kynlee and Tate would say, “keep.”

They were so excited to meet him!


She’s a little mother already!


and the best helper!

And tate is the best snuggler:)


He’s gonna teach him everything he knows someday:)  The first thing he told me when he met him was how he was saving his money to buy camo clothes and a bb gun for little Beckett.  Good big brother:)


We feel so blessed!!


And were so happy to introduce him to our friends and family!!


Since I didn’t know what gender he was, I feel like it took a little bit of extra bonding time for it to really sink in that I had a little boy. Ryan went home the second night to stay with Tate and Kynlee and I felt like that night I met my little guy and fell head over heels in love with him!

photo (51)

while taking selfies and watching HGTV:)  Does it get any better??  :):)  That’s my favorite spot for him to snuggle by the way.  If only I could freeze time!


Time to come home!!



those cheeks!

photo (53)

He’s been such a good little baby,

photo (54)

Thank you Jesus!! And all of you wonderful followers for the prayers and support in our journey these last two years.

God is good.

The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised  –Job 1:21


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11 thoughts on “IT’S A……………”

  1. Congrats to all of you, what a darling little boy! BTW, next time just get a Doula to help you through the el natural birth and you will love it!!:-) We have had all 6 natural so far and it’s amazing how much it’s mind over matter, like with most things, if not everything in life. If you prepare for it and use the power of your mind, natural births are the only way to go…:)) Then there is no worries about lasting effects of epidurals (moms I know have to live with), effects on the baby from the medications and so on. God made us to birth naturally, it’s an amazing thing:) It was really interesting, years back right after I had gone through Doula training, I talked to an OB nurse (of about 30 years) and asked her thoughts on epidurals… She said in her 30 years experience, she can say that post partum depression is way higher in moms that get epidurals than in moms that do not… She tied it to the drugs blocking the natural release of hormones and feelings that are meant to happen for the natural connection between a mother and the newborn and interruption of hte natural birth process. I thought it was really interesting but it made perfect sense with everything I had recently learned.

  2. So happy for you all. God is Great. God is amazing. Your family is beautiful and your story is touching. We are so happy for this wonderful and blessed time you all are so deserving of. Thank you for sharing.

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