It’s in the Details….

I was going to blog today and show you our Christmas, the kids had so much fun decorating the tree, but then a God story came up that was just too good to not share.  I have been hearing from so many of you that are having a hard time finding peace with God and completely trusting Him in all things, even the really hard things we have to face.  I so believe that this story is just another bit of evidence that if we can praise God through it all, he will sustain, he will deliver, and he will even make us smile and show us his huge amount of love for us.

This story is a bit complicated, so follow along:)  It’s so worth it! Some of my college roommates lined up a girls night sunday for us to go out and get a pedicure and enjoy amazing food at Benihanas.  (love that place!)  I am so blessed with amazingly sweet Christian friends that have been there through marriages, babies, and now funerals.  Love them!  So I had already had plans for Sunday, when I get a facebook message from a girl I have never met, who proceeded to tell me that she had been following Jule’s story and had wanted to do something for us, so she felt compelled to write into our local christian radio station, KTIS and try to get us tickets for a Christian event that was being held at the Excel Engergy Center in St. Paul called The Story.   It was an amazing show featuring many Christian artists that told the story of the Bible through song and video.  She told them our story of Jules and they set aside two tickets for us to attend Sunday night at 7.  Now I have to tell you that a lady from my church had messaged me even before all of this and said

 We are going to be with Todd Smith from Selah on Sunday and thought of you again since you had their families song for Juliet’s video. Their story of their little girl is so powerful just like your journey with Juliet. If we can do ANYTHING let us know. If you would like to talk with Todd and/or his wife let me know and I will make the connections.

Seriously, God’s people are so full of love.  Thank you so much Teresea!  So, of course I would have loved to meet Angie Smith, Todd Smith from Selah’s wife.  She wrote a book called, “I Will Carry You” that really comforted me and helped me cope when we first found out about Jules’ diagnosis.

I was a little bummed thinking I wouldn’t be able to make it since everything was lined up with my girls to have a night of fun, and I hate missing girl time:)  but realized that our reservations at Benihanas were at 5, so Ryan could drive down and meet me in St. Paul at 7 and we could probably swing it.  I just felt like I was supposed to be there.  As we were sitting getting our pedicures, my good friend Tiff said her hubby was going to be there and knew the director of the whole event and could possibly get us back stage too.  Crazy God, you are amazing.  So needless to say I was excited to see what God had in store….

at the spa getting our nails done…

and enjoying some great food!

 As we were eating at Benihanas I got a text from Teresea saying she got us “Meet and Greet” passes, so we could meet all of the artists after the show.  I knew that Todd Smith from Selah would be there, but unsure of his wife, who I really wanted to meet.

As we got to the Xcel Center, Nick met us and gave us VIP badges to go backstage or anywhere…but me being so nervous nelly, didn’t use them except to bypass the line to get in:)  He then texted me 15 minutes into the show and said he had talked to Todd Smith, and that Angie was in the audience watching the show.  Todd was going to text her and see if we could try to meet up after.  So cool!

Almost done…stick with me:)

After the show Ryan and I went down to the area where Meet and Greet was.  We got ushered into a room with about 25 other people and were waiting for the artists to come, when Nick said, come with me guys.  He took us past the big security guards:) into the back room where all the artists were hanging out.  And guess who was there…

The cutest red head you have ever seen…Angie:)  I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her thank you for being a comfort to me in our journey, but her being the sweetest thing ever said, come chat with me…tell me your whole story!  So, I got to chat with Angie Smith for about a half an hour telling her all about sweet Juliet and our journey.  What was even neater was that this was only the second time she had ever come to The Story, in the two years they had done it.  She only came last night because it was their twin girls 10th birthday so they wanted to meet up with Todd to spend some time together.  I told her that that wasn’t the only reason she came…God had a divine intervention planned way before that:)

Getting to tell her our story…

and showing her pictures of sweet Jules’ and all of our blessings:)

Thanks so much Nick for snapping some pics:)

I tell you this story because 1.) I think it is so cool that I got to meet Angie, but even more important than that, to show you that God loves us so much that He would work out that many small details to show He cares about us.  There are kids starving around the world, there are missionaries putting their life on the line, there are evangelists winning people to Jesus in the thousands, and then theres’ me.    A little mom, living in the middle of nowhere, blogging from her home computer that happened to hit a bump in the road.  He has time to show his love for little old me.  And He will show it to you as well, as long as you let him.  As long as you give him thanks and praise through it all.

I considered last night as sprinkles on the cake.  The extra topping.  The part God didn’t need to do, but wanted to because He cares that much.  And I praised him the whole way home:)



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13 thoughts on “It’s in the Details….”

  1. Beautiful!!! I love how big God is, yet cares about us & our hearts! Again, thanks for sharing what is going on in your life – it’s an incredible testimony to our Lord!

  2. You continue to be an inspiration to me. You are an amazing woman of God. Thanks for sharing God’s message in your life. He is truly using you and your family to reach others. I thank and praise you God.

  3. I heard Angie Smith talk at a Women In Faith Conference in October and she was amazing as she told her story of how she lost a child and her faith was amazing as is yours and following your story has been a true inspiration and helped my walk in my faith and I’m 61 years old! Blessings to you and your family in this reason for the season.

  4. Laurayne Velasco

    Oh Allie,
    You are truly blessed and beyond that I can’t think because I am too busy wiping a million hot tears from my face. May God always bless you and your family.

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