Jules turns 1 week old!!

Unfortunately, our Internet hot spot stopped working on us when we got back from the hospital.  Fortunately my dad can use his phone as a hot spot so I was able to blog, but he had to leave Sunday.  So I have a call in to the satellite Internet company and will hopefully be up and running in another 3-5 days.  Until then ill update you from my phone ( gotta love technology) but I can’t upload pictures:( so they will have to wait.

yesterday we had our first outing and we went to visit the doctor.  Jules got weighed and put up an impressive 4 lbs 5 oz.  She is up to eating about an ounce every 3 hours, quite impressive.  Did I mention that this little lady is a fighter?:)

We also celebrated Jules 1 week birthday.  A milestone we never thought we’d see!  We had cupcakes, balloons and all.  A sweet celebration!  We’ll have to share pictures later.

As for now, I’m gonna continue snuggling little lady and soak in every minute!


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16 thoughts on “Jules turns 1 week old!!”

  1. What a precious baby girl. I love the look of big brotherly pride your little boy has while holding her. I just found your blog this morning, but will be signing up and praying with your family.

  2. Melanie Knoepke

    Thank you Allie for sharing Juliet’s story with all of us. I have been keeping you, your family and especially Jules in my thoughts and prayers since I first saw one of Holly Stankowski’s links to your blog last week. Juliet is beautiful and strong little girl. She is truly spreading the word of God! Your faith through all of this is amazing and you are such an inspiration. I hope you find some comfort in knowing that Juliet has touched so many people.

  3. I tried to warn you about that name and what a fighter that “Jules” are!!!

    She is proving over and over that she has a bigger purpose and you are just along for the ride. The love that you have for her from all of your family is giving her the strength to keep amazing everyone.

  4. What a beauty. I have been following all week and praying so incredibly hard for all of you. She is such a blessing and your blogging is incredible. Such a strong mommy and daddy she has. I work at Maple Grove Hospital in the Family Birth Center (L&D and NICU) and I have been sharing your story with my coworkers. We all believe babies are little angels and each and every one is so special. Sometimes God sends us these precious little ones to reinforce our faith in him. Everyone that I have shared your story with agrees that she is strong because of her family and your faith and the Lord. We all think it is so neat that you brought her home right away where she can snuggle and love up her family in your home (What amazing memories). Prayers are constantly being sent her way. Please know that you, your husband, kiddos and of course Miss Jules are an inspiration to so many.

    -Erin Remme (Carissa Chap’s Sister in Law)

  5. Hey Allie! I know it’s been a while. I’ve been reading your blog, thinking of and praying for you and your family quite a bit. Thanks so much for sharing with us… I will continue praying and praising God for your little girl. Hugs!

  6. Aww, this is precious. God is so good! I am just reading your blog and watching Kimry, Kyle and Esther post about your posts (and many others), and it just touches my heart. I, too, feel grateful that God is keeping her here on earth longer than expected. He is using her and your family to reach so many! I admire your strength Allie. You are so beautiful, Mama!

  7. Allie & Ryan-
    I found your blog because of Shanna S. You see we are friends because of 2 special angels just like your Juliet! When I read your blog I can remember all of those same feelings even though it is nearly 8 years ago. Our daughter also was a fighter & we had 2 1/2 months with her before our God called her home. Keep doing what you are doing & remember that your baby is changing lives. And as Mommas what more can we ask for? And your other 2 kids will be changed forever and they too will change lives. I hope that you and your husband can find a little comfort & peace from the prayers of complete strangers!

  8. We are church friends of your sister and Matt. I have been reading about and crying for you and little Juliet every day. Keep loving and cuddling that sweet little girl. God will give you rest!

  9. Thank you for posting the update. My children saw Jules’ picture last night and had me go back to your original post so they could read it….from the time you found out about her when you were pregnant. They are 10, 8 and 7……they saw her picture and said she is perfect and beautiful. They asked me when they came home from school today what was new with Jules. I had to tell them we could just read the update, that there were no pictures.

  10. We haven’t met, I am a friend of Briele, Nicole, Sarah……
    So inspiring following your blog, tears flow everytime I read. What a gift your time together is, thank you for sharing. You are in our prayers. Way to fight the fight little Jules! God bless you all!

  11. This post made me smile and rejoice for your family! She is a fighter and your family has been blessed with her.

  12. Love it! That little lady got some of her mama and papa’s stubborness….in a good way! =) Happy One Week Birthday Jules!

  13. Wow Allie! Your whole family continues to amaze us. We eagerly wait to hear of how Juliet is doing. It has become the highlight of my day to peek in on her (and all of you). Our God is working in ways that we never thought possible; in Juliet’s precious life as well as those following her progress. Keep trusting and faithfully doing all the little things that make a big difference! Love and hugs from all of us,
    Lynda (and Charlie)

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