Juliet’s Happenings

Although I’ve realized that neither Juliet or I have stepped outside our front door since we came home Tuesday, we fit quite a bit into our days.  This morning it started out with a sun bath…

Jules started to get a little yellow so we are trying to get that vitamin D working in her favor.  I must say, she loved being perched on her little throne sitting in the warm sun.

After that the nurse came to visit and check her heart and lungs.  She sounded good.  Her breaths are a bit shallower and faster, but other than that we all got to listen to her heart pumping away.  The nurse also hooked us up with some oxygen that we can use to keep her comfortable.  We just set the nose insert on her blanket.  So far so good:)  We also got a billy blanket to use, we haven’t put our glow worm in it yet.

After that mom and Jules took a tubby.  She loved it.  I put her on me with a wash rag over her and then kept pouring warm water on the rag.  She would just sigh every once in awhile.  She was so content.  These are priceless memories for me.  I could’ve stayed in there all night with her.

After that we spent a good long while snuggling..(oh wait, we do that all day:)  and then made it to Jule’s favorite spot.  It just so happens to be mine as well!

To top off the day we got some beautiful flowers!!  Thanks so much Rydbergs and Ness’s!  They helped to celebrate Jule’s 4th birth day.

Tate says now she’s as old as he is:)  Happy 4th day sweet Jules!  We love you to pieces!


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18 thoughts on “Juliet’s Happenings”

  1. Dear Lundeen Family-
    I can’t tell you how much my heart aches for you right now and yet how grateful I am that God has given you this time to spend with your little girl. I would have given anything to have been given the opportunity to have known my daughter the way you are getting to know yours. No matter how fleeting the time may be I hope you realized how blessed you are. Your strength and trust in the Lord is an example to all. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and that God will somehow grant you a miracle that only a parent could understand in this situation.
    Sending you my love,
    Sarah Atkinson

  2. Rebecca Warpula

    Oh Juliet, I join the ranks of those who have fallen in love with you, precious gift to the world from God! I may never get to meet you face to face here but I send my love and hugs. I know that someday when we are with Jesus together, I will know the sound and smell of you like your momma and daddy do. I know they are savoring these days. Getting to know you in this part of your eternal journey.

    Thank Jesus for the eternal journey that concludes in your House. Jules, if you get there before I do, will you be in my welcome party? If get there first I’ll cheer you across the finish line at the Gate.
    Blessings and Love from Litchfield,

  3. Allie: I can’t tell you how much your words have touched our heart. Your sharing of this precious gift from God has profoundly affected so many. God has truly been glorified through your family’s story. We pray for you all every night. We are all reminded in profound ways that each day is a gift from God that we should embrace and feel gratitude. I pray that you find grace in every moment of every day with Juliet. I feel blessed to follow your story along with seeing Juliet’s beautiful life story. Stay strong and know that family, friends and strangers join you in prayer every day. God Bless

  4. Hi Allie & Ryan,
    My thoughts and prayers have been with you since day one. Renee keeps me informed on the happenings in MN.
    You have been blessed from God with beautiful Juliet, she is so precious.
    Cherish each moment as the memories will be with you for a lifetime.
    Sending all my love and prayers to all the family. Eash day is a blessing!!


  5. Melissa Couvrette

    I have no idea who you are but reading your story has brought me comfort. I don’t express myself very well or very often and it is nice to hear that someone else has said or thought some of the things I did during a difficult pregnancy, and then when I was losing my sweet girl. So I sincerely thank you for that. No matter what the outcome of this, take comfort in knowing you have the ability to be with her again. And it all happens for a reason, eventhough we very often cant understand why. Take care.

  6. Teresa and Jamie

    Juliet could not have a more loving family. When I read your stories they melt my heart. Treasure this time together. We love you guys.

  7. What precious memories you are making with your daughter. May god bless you and keep you.
    you, jules and your entire family sre in my prayers.

  8. Dear Allie,

    Praise God for the precious time you are getting with your darling Juliet! She’s so beautiful, and I am praying that God would seal each moment with her in your mind and heart.

    Most sincerely,
    Jessica Reade

  9. So happy that Juliet is home with you!!! It is so encouraging for me. She is beautiful–her legs and feet in the first picture are precious! I will continue to pray for her and for rest and strength for you!

  10. Desiree Helstrom

    She has the longest little legs! What a beautiful little girl. I love that at 4 days old she loves warm baths and snuggling by the fireplace. A true little lady-now she just needs to try some chocolate. ;)

  11. Oh, Happy 4th Day Birthday to you Sweet Jules, What a precious child she is. Allie, you are so remarkable and such a loving mom.Thanks for sharing your update and pictures. Hugs to all of you.
    Gail Nelson

  12. margaret Grieser

    thanks again for sharing such personal moments. Love the bathtime one. I could just imagine how awesome that one was. I wish you strength and peace thru every moment you share. I am just in awe of how you handle all this. God Bless you with so many more memories to share and hold on to till you are able to see her again and have her run into your arms…xxxxooooo Peace and Love….and Gods Strenght…

  13. Allie,
    That sweet baby is so amazing. Martin and I are praying for you guys. Sweet, sweet dreams to you and Jules. Thank you for the beautiful post. Xoxo

  14. Ahh.. she is so perfect. Good day to get rid of some biliruben with the all the sunshine and a good day for the fireplace with the wind. Still got you guys on our mind…stay strong. – Katie L

  15. Allie, I’ve been reading your blog ever since Stephanie Ganser posted a link to your blog about Jules’ diagnosis. I’ve prayed for strength for you all, Juliets health and for peace. Although we may not know his intentions for everything, i believe it all happens for a reason. Each day I check for updates on your sweet little girl and smile with tear filled eyes to see she has beaten the odds and celebrated another “birth day”. I will continue to pray for your darling little miracle as she has touched my life and given me an even bigger appreciation for the time I am able to spend with my kids!

  16. Happy fourth day birth day Jules! Your flowers are just as beautiful as you are. May you rest peacefully tonight.
    Dear Heavenly Father, give Jules and her parents a peaceful night. Give them the strength they need.

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