Makeover Madness…Bathrooms

First of all I must apologize that I didn’t post my makeover on Friday.  I got a little deep into working on curtains and such that I didn’t want to take a break.  When motivation strikes, you gotta act:)  So, back to this week, I’m going to show you what we did with our bathrooms.  Bathrooms can be intimidating, as well as very expensive.  Again, since we were on a tight budget we have quite a few money-saving tricks for in the bathroom.  There are 3 bathrooms in this house, all which have a shower or tub.  Here is a picture of the first bathroom.

I know….not the best shot, but that’s all we have.  This is our main floor bath.  It is connected to the office as well.  It is nice because it also has a shower.  The first thing we did was to take out the medicine cabinet, re-drywall it, and put up a different mirror.  I’ll show you the picture before I explain the rest.

Again..the lighting isn’t the best, sorry!  So, for this bathroom we replaced the vanity with a pedestal sink.  We didn’t need the storage down here so that was a cheap fix.  Pedestal sinks can be bought for under $100.  It also helped to open up the space a bit.  We then had Ryan’s cousin lay tile for us…our splurge in this room but I love it, painted the walls and the trim and voila!   A new bathroom.  Another great trick we did in here was actually take an old mirror that we had that was frameless, cut some molding at 45 degree angles, and velcroed it on!  You’d never be able to tell and you have a new mirror for around $10.

Since every bathroom had glass doors on them, they would be quite spendy to replace, and it’s not my favorite look.  So instead we took the doors off, patched the holes, and added a shower curtain.   A much cheaper fix.

Here’s the breakdown for the main floor bath:

Pedestal Sink: $75

Tile with Concrete Board: $100 (free installation)

New Faucet: $40

New Light: $45

Shower Curtain and Rod: $30

Hardware: $25

Mirror: $10

Total: $325

Onto bathroom #2…the before

So this one looks like we could have sank a little bit more money into, but it acutally ended up being cheaper!  I’ll show you the after and then tell you what we did.

So, for this bathroom we repurposed the vanity by painting it red, distressing it, and adding new hardware.  We also sprayed the chocolate swirl countertop with a product you can get at the Home Depot, or any hardware store, that is made for sinks and tubs.  It’s a bit of a tedious project, but for $30 bucks it was well worth it!  Total cost of that project:  $60

Then we pulled up the linoleum flooring and put down peel and stick tiles.  If you haven’t tried these, they are amazing!  Even I could do it.  We spent $30 in tiles and had a new flooring.  I then added another shower curtain and rod, some accesories and new lighting and faucet and this is the result.  I’m still looking for a mirror, that helps update it a lot….just hard to spend the money on it sometimes, when other projects are calling:)

Breakdown of bathroom #2:

Vanity: $65

Flooring: $30

Shower Curtain and Rod:  $30

Faucet: $45

Accessories: $40

Total: $210

And last but not least, our master bath before…

There’s my handy hubby…isn’t he cute:)

And after…

Ta Da..

I’ll just give you the breakdown on this one…

Peel and Stick Flooring: $25

Vanity Makeover: $25

New lighting: $25

New Mirror: $20

Shower Curtain and Curved Shower Rod (love it!) $40

Accessories: $50

Total: $185

Grand Total for 3 Bathrooms: $720…what some people pay for 1 vanity!

That’s what we have so far.  There are always little improvements here and there but we are really happy about what we were able to do for what we spent.  Happy Monday everyone!!


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7 thoughts on “Makeover Madness…Bathrooms”

    1. Not sure which one you are for sure talking about, they were both oak before and the one I painted red and as a novice threw my can out and don’t know what color the red was..frustrating. Our master bath I painted the vanity black, and just used the American Accents brand from Menards that comes in black, it’s a satin finish, works great. I hope that helps???

  1. Every time I visit your blog I leave with a million ideas of how I could improve our house! It’s so nice to see people do things on a budget! I am interested in this peel and stick tile! Our guest bathroom needs a makeover!

    1. :) yay, I’m glad you find some inspiration..that’s why I do it!! You’d love the peel and stick, you really can barely tell they are individual tiles…and so cheap. Look into it, we found ours at menards but I’m sure Home Depot or Lowes has them too, and maybe a better selection!

  2. Love the blog Allie!! I love the red in the one bathroom! I always wanted to do a black, white and red bathroom. I love how you use the red in your bathroom.

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