Makeover Madness…The Back Entry:)

Time is just slipping by me these days.  My to do list is getting shorter but my motivation is now dwindling.  I know, shocking!  I have piles of decorations just sitting and can’t quite make myself decorate!! Ahhhh…my worst nightmare:) :)  So, I’m really hoping to jump back into things soon, until then I am going to do a bit more “teasing” before I am ready to reveal the big makeovers!  Do you hate me??:)

This makeover is our back/front/awkward entryway that opens up to our rocked landscaping.  Weird…I know.   Remember when we first bought the house and there was that bright red front door.  Yep, that entry.  Don’t worry, the bright red door is still there, but hopefully not for too much longer:)  So, here’s the great before pic of the space!

I don’t have an exact picture of just the entry, but here’s the preview.

This gives you another idea of where it is…hidden in that half wall up there:)

So, what did we do?? Not a whole lot actually.  We did arch that ceiling to open up the space, added a new light fixture, put up chunky trim and added laminate flooring.

Here she is now…

Okay, so I’m going to call out the mistakes before you even have time to notice them all:)  First of all, Kynlee thought it would be fun to color on the shutter door…seriously???  The chandelier only has 1 lightbulb, and a 10 watter at that, doesn’t do too much for ambiance.  That’s all I could find at the moment and I keep forgetting them when I get to the store!  I hate that when that happens:)  And lastly, The old knob hardware stuck in the holes so I have to recruit Ry to help me get it out.  Only 1 knob made it so far and it’s sagging:)  Other then that she looks great doesn’t she…hehe.

You’ve kinda seen this pic with my Christmas decorating but now you know where she belongs:)

Are you sick of Christmas yet??? :):)

My real true love in this space is the arch entryway.  Ry did an AMAZING job if I do say so myself on that!!  Love you baby:)  He was mad at me at first for wanting the arches but then admitted afterward that they were kind of fun and did add a lot.  I knew he’d come around:)

So, When I reveal the rest of the living area this entry will take on a whole other feel.  I’m loving being able to get a little lamp light in here at night.  It really warms up the place.  We are also planning on adding a full glass door in the entry to let in more natural sunlight, but winter caught up to us.  Hopefully this summer!  I would also love the cabinets up top to be trimmed out to match my kitchen ones, another winter project:)  The list does keep adding up!  As for the shutter doors, I think I’m gonna keep them.  I am kinda liking the charm in them!

Oh, and one more p.s.  Someday…like in our dream world ( do you have one of those:) ) we hope to have a wrap around porch that connects the front door to this one.  Therefore this one will actually have a purpose instead of walking out into our landscape…wouldn’t that be novel??  *sigh* someday….

Happy Friday everyone!!!


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1 thought on “Makeover Madness…The Back Entry:)”

  1. I love the arch!! It adds a lot of character to the house! Also in love with the Chandlier :) Even thou I have seen the house I am still waiting with anticipation for the big reveal!!! Cant wait

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