Makeover Madness–The Kitchen!!

Okay, first of all it’s not Friday.  I missed my deadline:)  Second of all, I think I’ve made you wait long enough that I’m revealing the kitchen today.  It’s a big change, so this is gonna be a long post, sorry about that!  I know you are all so curious to see which gray I picked…if you even remember back that long:)  So today is the big reveal.  We all know though, that the after isn’t as good unless you see the before…so here we go.

P.S.  if you didn’t read my blog on how we got these cabinets for free, and what they looked like before, you should check out this post first:)



If you haven’t figured it out yet, we went with the Martha Stewart color…Sharkey Gray for the cabinets.  Who am I kidding, I went with it.  Ryan wasn’t tossing and turning over the decision, losing sleep over it like I was.  :)



Here’s a better shot of the other side of the kitchen…

We are still trying to figure out some pantry cabinet to put on the end there…haven’t decided yet though.  Hence the unfinished end on the cabinets.

So, here’s a little more about our kitchen story.   First of all this was about the last room to get done, I know…the most important room in the house.  Actually, as of a month ago these were our beautiful countertops!

Did I say countertops??  I meant work bench.  Not much for kitchen items in here.  Ick…so thankful to be done with that stage.

Not sure if you noticed or not but this…

was our kitchen sink.  What sink you may say??? Exactly.  Up until a month ago I was still washing the dishes in the tub or bathroom sink.  Oh the little things!!:)

Our sink now??

So much better!! Not sure if you noticed or not but this is not the double apron sink I originally had purchased before we even got the cabinets and were supposed to work my cabinets around!  Yes, a small error in measuring that left this girl in tears.  Not much truly upsets me…but for some reason I love a big farmhouse sink!  So when Ry said it just isn’t going to work Allie, you’re going to have to pick out a different sink..I was crushed.  I know, it’s a sink.  So, the alternative??  Take back my Ikea sink that I somehow miraculously still had the receipt for and had 6 days left to return it (praise Jesus!!) and trade it in for the one stall sink.  It wasn’t the end of the world!  After I talked it through with myself I said, who are you kidding.  You don’t even really wash dishes.  Why do you need 2 stalls.  Talking to yourself really can solve the worlds problems, or at least a few of mine:)  So, I returned my $300 sink and bought this $187 sink.  Not bad!  I also got that cutie little faucet from my sister.  She works at a showroom that has closeouts quite frequently and supposedly this faucet was $750 originally–CRAZY!!–but I got it for $75:):)  I love me a good deal!!

Alright, enough yapping…more pics:)

I’m loving the arches we put in…if you remember this part used to be a closed in pantry, which also closed off that huge window full of light!  I love that little nook, even if it only lead to the dungeon of a basement we have:)  Some open shelving to the right of the fridge is in the “someday” plans!

A new front door lets in much more light and a cute ikea chandelier warms up the space.  If that table looks familiar it’s because it was our black table from the last house.  Thankfully I painted this one white during the summer.  I love being able to just pull in furniture!  We also opened up the entry a bit by moving that wall in 2 feet.  I’m so thankful for that!

These rugs just came in the mail yesterday and I’m loving them!  I got them from Ballard.  Ry is probably gonna kill me…he’s not in love with the chunkiness of the jute when he stands on it.  These are actually quite soft and have a rubber backing so no rug pad needed…and they hide everything!  Perfect for the kitchen and entry:)

The view from the stairs.  I wasn’t 100% sure how I’d like having the stairs come into the kitchen, but the kids love them.  They sit and play on them all the time while I am cooking.  It also makes a statement when you walk in…so I think I’ll keep them:)  Also did you notice that little cutie in the middle??  Our kitchen is quite wide, but we weren’t sure if we could fit an island or not.  One of my friends was selling this guy for $50 on an online garage sale so I snagged it up.  It is amazing how 4 extra feet of countertops help!

and the last little seating area…

Ry’s first comment…”Does everything have to have a pillow on it?”  Yes honey, yes it does:)  These were just leftovers, I have to figure out what pop of color to bring in yet!!

So there she is…in her glory:)  We still have little things to do here and there, the story of our lives.   One last thing that I was going to mention on why this was one of the last rooms done was because Ry moved all the plumbing into the ceiling.  He didn’t want any of it under the house for freezing purposes since we don’t have a basement.  So the ceilings in the kitchen are a foot shorter than the rest of the house.  Thank goodness for 9 foot ceilings!  I was nervous at first, but it does “cozy” up the kitchen a bit!

Also, we ended up going to Corian countertops from Menards.  They are called Silverstone.  We weren’t sure if they were in the budget or not, but Ry surprised me one day and said, here’s the deal.  I was gonna get you a wedding band for our 5 year anniversary, but if you want corian instead, you decide.  Some girls might think I’m absolutely crazy, but I chose the countertops.  3 reasons…1.)  There’s always more anniversary’s:)  2.)  My fingers are a little stubby so I’m not sure I really want a band…and 3.) Even though he said we could replace the countertops sometime down the road, I’m no dummy.  The chance we really would were slim to none.  I’ll take them when I can get them thank you!  If you noticed we don’t have much countertop space so they only ran us $750.  I didn’t think that was awful?!?

And with that being quite possibly the longest post I’ve done, I’m done…I promise!! Happy Weekend everyone!!


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13 thoughts on “Makeover Madness–The Kitchen!!”

  1. Allie, I’m redoing my kitchen and trying to decide on colors if you did the cabinets gray, what color our your walls, I can’t quiet tell in the pic?? Thanks:)

  2. Allie, Love the rugs, love the island, love the canisters. Adds a great touch to the kitchen. You and Ryan have done such an amazing job in making this house your home!!! Well done!

  3. That shot from the stairs is “magazine worthy”. What an accomplishment!!!!! Thanks for the time you devoted to this post. It was a pleasure the take the virtual tour!!! Great job you guys!

  4. Wow I love seeing the old pictures… Remember when Ryan and I torn down the kitchen cabinets…. with a CRASH and a BANG??? I see you painted the TV cabinet looks good. Funnest project I’ve ever been on! Looks great!

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