Makeover Madness….the NEW/Old Kitchen

Well, since the rain never ceases to end here, the landscaping is going to have to wait:)  But…on a brighter note, I’m about to show you the new…well not excactly new, but new to us…kitchen!  Now remember, if you aren’t a decorating visionary you are going to have to check back in about 6 months to see what it actually turned into.  If you are, then I know the orange and yellow linoleum, outdated appliance, and beautiful hardware will not scare you off:)  So, here it goes!

They even left us a rug and a clock:)  The bugger is is that these cabinets aren’t quite salvagable.  They may not look that bad from the outside…but when you take a peek inside all of the shelves are sagging and the doors barely slide.

My lovely model…he always looks so serious:)  Here’s the other side.  Gorgeous!  :)  The other “thing” we are trying to work on is that door in the back there…do you see it??  It’s closed now but when it’s open it leads to the upstairs, up a narrow and steep stairwell.  A little scary for a momma.  We are hoping to somehow reconfigure it to come out in the living room, or at least be a little wider!

So, my vision for this kitchen??  Well remember back when I said my dream kitchen was Kim Kardashian’s kitchen?

Well, I still LOVE it….but don’t quite see it in this home.  A 100 year-old farmhouse needs a farm house looking kitchen right?  Or for me a farmhouse/cottage kitchen cause I love that cottage feel:)  So I’m envisioning something more like this..

The lady in the background adds a nice touch don’t you think:)  I love the soft pallete and grays in it!  I’m gonna stick with my great ikea farmhouse sink that I oh so love…and might switch to satin nickel hardware and accessories!  But once again, this is all just a thought!  We’ll see how far the budget gets us:)  So we close in a month and then the demo begins.  I can’t promise that I will be able to blog as much once we start tearing but make sure to check back to see the “afters!”


Happy Friday everyone!!!


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