I did a project quite a while back that I have never showed you guys yet, and thought it was finally time…because it’s one that I am super happy with how it turned out:)  When we bought the farmhouse I was super happy with all of the tall windows it had.  It let in sooo much light.  I especially liked this HUGE window they had put in the living room area.


Throwing it waaaaaayyy back to when we first moved it! But you can see the window the best here:)  It’s a great window though.  It’s about 8 feet wide by 6 feet tall.  The kids love it, so do the babies.  Everyone can see out this window.

When we moved in we painted the trim white (surprise!) and it looked like this..


ahhh….much better:)  And as much as I love love love that window, I did mention to Ryan that it would really be a show stopper if someday we got a window or bank of windows that had some character to them.  I mean, you see this spot from almost every angle of our house.  He wasn’t buying it.  Why fix something when it’s not broken.


He’s no fun:)

So I decided to try a little something on my own to add just a bit of character to the window.  I decided to add some mdf to it to make it “appear” that it had a transom over it, therefore breaking up all of the glass. I went to Menards and bought 2- 1×2 inch primed mdf 8 foot boards.  I then ripped one board down to 1 1/2″ for the horiztonal board on the window, and 6 small boards ripped down to 1″ for the grids in the transom.  I painted them the white of my trim and figured out my spacing.  This would be different depending on the size of your window.  Once I had it how I like I glued and nailed the small vertical mdf pieces to the large horizontal trim piece.  I’m sure it sounds confusing right now, but a picture is coming soon;)  One sidenote, you want to cut the horizontal board so it fits snug inside your window frame, so I would start a little big and cut down if needed, and even use a hammer to pound it down and tight into your space.

Once I put the boards in the window I used a finish nailer to nail it to the sides.  Another huge note…do not do this! haha..the hubs told me I could have broken the seal on the window after I had it all done.  Yep, there’s that.  I can’t think of everything;)  So, if I were to do it again, I would have just glued the sides and used another wood board to brace it until it was dry.  So here’s how it turned out..


Windows are so hard to photograph, but see my little faux transom? For $10 bucks! I think it’s worth $10 for the character it adds:)


Here’s a darker pic to see it better.  I just caulked the top of the vertical boards to keep them in place and they haven’t budged yet…going on almost a year!


You can see here how I nailed the corner into the window frame…but not do this!  If you would have just added some gorilla glue and a board to support it til it was dry I’m sure it would stay just fine:)

So since I took a few pics of the window, I thought I’d show you a few more of the updated space….


I also made this DIY farm house sign after seeing a lake house sign my sister created for Whimsy.  I bought the chip board letters from hobby lobby, sprayed them, distressed them, and then glued and nailed them on to some painted plywood I had.  I love how big of a statement it is for how inexpensive it was to make;)

I was channeling my inner “jo-jo” :)


And this is for all the people who don’t think kids live here.  There are toys hiding everywhere.  “hiding” is the key word.


I also added these awesome wall sconces on this side of the room.  I scored them off of ebay for $30 each…what a steal!  They are originally meant to be hard wired, but you can buy plug in wire kits and convert them to wall lamps.  I just covered the cord with cord cover and put them on a remote so they come on at the same time with one click!


and as soon as the addition is done this tv will be going as well…which I’m quite excited about!  It will open up that window again and turn this area in a more formal living room.  aka..the place for mommas to hear themselves talk during a play date. (enter applause here)


and lets just talk about how my fiddle leaf fig tree is THRIVING!!  Who hoo!! You guys..I figured it out.  I seriously only water it once a month and its doing amazing!  I soak it good that time and let it almost dry up before watering it again.  Easiest.thing.ever.


So this room has transformed yet again.  And I’m quite sure always will:)  This week the fall decor came out…so I”ll have to show you that soon! But for now, what do you think of my $10 DIY??



and after..


Oh, and I almost forgot.  The best thing about this DIY is you can also see it from outside…and it adds character there as well.

img_1305-1 Not the best pic but you get the idea:)

Happy weekending friends!


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  1. Beautiful! I read through all your comments hoping you already answered this question, but I didn’t see it… where are your beautiful pillows on your couch from? The large thin check is stunning… my couch really need some TCL… I am really trying to get this look!
    Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!!

    1. THanks so much for the comment! They were actually tea towels from Target last year that I turned into pillows. Sorry! That probably doesn’t help you much!

  2. Donna Johnson

    I wanted to know where you got your slip covers for the chairs by the TV. I love the way in which you decorate and bring the style together.

  3. I love everything you’ve done. Never thought of white upholstery/furniture as I’m a klutz. Recently, I’ve considered slip covers for my furnishings to save money, of course. Did you make or buy those in the pictures? Would you be willing to post where purchased or how to make if that’s what you did?
    Sincerely love everything! J

    1. Oh you are too funny:) I bought those slipcovers and furniture from Ikea:) You get what you pay for, but I Love that I can throw the slipcovers in the wash with some bleach and they come out looking pretty amazing!

  4. Your home is an inpiration to me! I LOVE everything you do!! I started painting our walls white and my 6 year old daughter asked why I was doing everything white. She said it was just a boring color! Haha!!

    Anyway, I am wondering where you got your wood flooring. We are going to be pulling up some carpet and adding wood and I LOVE the black/brown wider planks that you have. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks and blessings!

    1. haha…my kids tell me the same thing. More white mom? :) Anyway, we ordered our floors online at They are a laminate and called french bleed. I believe the color we ordered in was chateau. Not sure if they still have them but hopefully you find something similiar!

  5. I love it too. AND it’s inspiring. Where did you purchase your curtians? I love them with the contrast against the white! ♡

  6. You are a very talented girl. Your husband is been blessed!
    I love your coffee table (cart) where did you get it?
    Looking forward for your fall decor since you’re my inspiration to get ideas :)

  7. I am so in love with what you do !! Is your sofa the Ektorp Vittaryd White and your chairs Jennyland Stenasa White?

  8. I love your farmhouse!!!! I love the idea of a transom!!! It looks lovely in the window. I may have to try this…. love your curtains too!( where did you find them if you don’t mind me asking). Beautiful!!!! Lots of inspiration from this….

    1. Well thanks for sure a sweet comment! I actually made the curtains out of drop cloth and then stenciled on them. The DIY is under the painted curtain tab;) Hope that helps!

  9. Inspiring as always – I would’ve never thought of that! It’s a perfect addition.:)

    Also, I LOVE the throw with the green stripe and looked on Google but there’s nothing like it – where did you get it? Most farmhouse striped things are black or blue, so it really stands out!

  10. Everyone else gave such perfect feedback that I can only concur. It’s brilliant and your home is the best example of how beautiful and comfortable farmhouse style can be. Cheers, Ardith

  11. I absolutely love your home – it is the farmhouse of my dreams! Great idea with the transom design, a small touch which adds so much character to your home. Looking forward to your fall decor, I get so many wonderful ideas from your blog.

  12. Wow!! That window is just gorgeous. You have such a gift for making everything beautiful and without spending a million dollars on each project. It’s inspiring as opposed to intimidating. I look forward to your posts to see what creative projects you’ve thought up. So original!!

  13. I love the way you think. You always find a way to add character and charm for a great price, so you get what you want while still keeping Ryan happy. You have a gift girl. Love, love, love your farm house sign, ladder( I made myself one but made it too wide and it looks terrible, so he will be getting thinner haha)the ship lap walls, your sofa table, really the whole room is awesome and so you! You did awesome at channeling your inner Jo-Jo. Can’t wait to see you work your magic on the addition.

  14. Marilyn Craighead

    The window transom idea is just the best! Cheap, easy and loads of character to the room. And happy to hear you didn’t break the glass……;)

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