Wow, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve sat down to write a blog.  Actually I feel like it’s been forever since I sat down. period. :)  But all for good reason.  Ruby has been an amazing baby…Beckett is running full force into those 2’s…and Whimsy has been growing, growing, growing.  All of which makes for a busy momma:)  So, I finally have a minute to myself (two babies napping at the same time. winning! ) and I thought I’d share our plans with you of this fun little addition we are adding on to our house.  First, the reason for the addition.

If we’d just stop having kids we wouldn’t need one…so the hubby says:)  But when you have a 100 year old farmhouse, you realize there is no extra storage.  Sure, we have two huge pole sheds 100 yards away, but let me tell you, that is only convenient for fish houses, boats, and spray painting furniture.  We have an old cellar that houses our utilities and a couple of deep freezers, as well as huge centipedes and a few mice!  I basically say I’d have to see a tornado out the window to get my peach down there with my family.  So there’s that.

Another fun feature of an old farmhouse is there is no central air/furnace.  Duct work is non-existent.  So we get to have these fun wall units and window shakers to cool our house in the summer, and baseboard heaters to heat it.  With adding a basement, and married to a heating and cooling boy:) he’s going to add a furnace and ac and run it into the attic and push it down out the ceiling.  Applause happening now for my windows being free and clear in the summer!!

Our goal for this addition though is to be able to pay cash for it, so we’ve been saving for awhile.  Have to update the septic and a few other unforseen adjustments may cause us to take out a small loan, but we are really hoping to do it almost debt free.  That way we can sleep a little better at night:)

Enough chatting, here’s what we are thinking. The basement will be nothing pretty.  It won’t be finished, and will basically just be used for storage (praise the good Lord!) and housing the new hvac equipment.  The first floor will look like this..


It’s honestly going to be a very similiar feel to the man cave for the layout, except that we will need to have a staircase in the room to go downstairs.  Stairs eat up so much space it’s kind of a bugger, but what do you do:)  It will be a step down great room that you enter through what is now our command center area…


see where the chalkboard is to the right of the fridge?  That will come down and be an opening for the great room.  The great room will have a wood burning fireplace..yay! and a french door heading out to a patio of some sort.  And you guys, you should see the door and windows I found on Craigslist.  Ryan loves when I find stuff like this (not!)  He says it makes his job a lot harder…but I seriously think it will be worth it in the end.

I had to go out to the shed to get a few pictures, so they aren’t the best…but look at this pretty french door..


It’s a french door with a fixed sidelight the same size…and look at the hardware on it..


Hello beautiful!  I scored this door for $400.  And the window that will go on the opposite wall came from the same house.  It’s 10 feet long and six feet tall..


Here you can only see two of the four windows, and it needs some touch up paint…but seriously, these are amazing!  And they open in toward you, like a door. swoon.  This whole window was also only $400.  Maybe Ryan will thank me someday:)  As for the rest of the windows we found them at a building outlet.  Budget is our #1 goal, but I really want to achieve a modern farmhouse feel as well, not just builder grade plain.  So it really does pay to search and scour the internet to get items that add character for cheaper than what you’d pay for plain at a big box store.

We ended up buying 7 of these windows…


They are huge and I love them!  Three will go in the dormer in our bedroom, and 2 on the fireplace wall in the great room and two above in the bedroom.

So here’s a bit of the feel I’m thinking for the great room…


We have some old beams I’m hoping we can get cut in half to put on the ceiling like this.  I love the warmth it adds.  I also love all of the linen and texture.  I think a few stumps may be needed:)  and some reclaimed wood.  I’d love to do a white fireplace with barnwood on either side by the windows, like this…


I love the look of the clean lines with some texture and warmth. I just gotta get my hands on some more wood:)

Moving upstairs we are adding on a master suite, with a bedroom, walk in closet, and bath.   IMG_7177

Tate and Kynlee will then move into our room, and Ruby will move into Kynlees.  Which is the perfect size for a nursery:)  I have fun ideas for the two olders room as well….but we’ll see how much we can do:)  Since we are doing 80% of the work ourselves, (and by that I mean Ryan:) We don’t know when it will be move in ready.  Our brother-in-law is coming in a month to frame it up, and then we can tinker all summer.  Ryan tells me it might be a couple of years before it’s done.  Nice try Ryan.  Nice Try:)

I can hardly believe it’s happening, but it’s becoming a little more real with the huge hole in our front yard…


I can’t wait to share the progress with you all!  And I’m going to share later what the exterior will look like and my plans to tie that into the existing house while updating the look all at the same time!


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  1. When you were expecting Ruby, I had a feeling you would have to add on knowing the Kynlees room was too smal. I am so excited for you that you get storage and a new master with an ensuite. The idea picture for the family room is swoon worthy as are the French doors you bought! Thanks for the update and I can’t wait to watch you work your farmhouse magic on the new rooms. You must be over the moon.

  2. We live in an old farmhouse and added an addition similar to yours. We lived for many, many years with 5 children and 2 dogs in less than 1,000 sq. ft. I LOVE our addition….a huge familyroom, basement (No more running outside to the frightening Michigan basement for tornado warnings!!), and 3 more bedrooms and 2 baths…I. Love. it!! We worked on it as we had the money to stay out of debt too. We still have many small/big details to finish….life happens….but it’s been fantastic. I LOVE having our large family over now….having Thanksgiving dinner for 50+ …..I just love it! Enjoy the process and take LOTS of pictures….even if it takes several years like it did for us….it’s lots of fun memories for your children! God Bless!

    1. oh I love to hear this! That’s what I told Ryan, this house will be my forever home after this is done:) Even though I was pretty sure it was even if we didn’t do it;) Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. How exciting – so looking forward to updates, I really enjoy seeing how the construction and decorating of a new space takes shape! I noticed new lamps in your previous post, they are exactly what I have been searching for, could you share where you found them?

  4. Love, love your score on the doors! I have been looking for something very similar with that particular hardware but nothing yet. We also have a century home, and we are also putting on an addition with a screened in porch. The plans are almost finished – I can’t wait. It has definitely been a work in progress as we moved in here January 2015.

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