We’ve been at it again.


And although I wish it was on the house, it’s not.  It’s been a little cute out building that Ry had his eye on to be his “man cave” since we moved here.  It actually used to be an old grainery and when we were doing demo we found old newspapers in the walls from over 100 years ago.  So much history.  And although I loved the character and chippy paint and old windows of this little building…


truth is, if we didn’t do something it would just sit there and probably blow over one of these days.  See…the back was pretty much falling out,


the roof had holes and leaks in it..


and it had the best views on the property to not take advantage of.


So although I’ll miss this. I’m so excited to be able to use this space.  I say I, hoping Ry will let me join him out there;)

So, we have pretty much rebuilt the whole house.  Ryan took off three of the four walls and extended the back wall by six feet I think?!?  Ha!  I’ll get corrected if I’m wrong:)


You can see the roof line is no longer symmetrical since we bumped it out, but it really gave us a lot more space inside.  We also put in all new windows, he actually has in-floor heat running in those floors (he tells me there is no budget to his man cave:) oh. dear.


There will also be a covered porch off the back, and he did put a deck on recently that still needs a railing.  I’ll do a follow up post soon!


I love these tall windows we scored off of Craigslist.  Inside there will be a gas fireplace between them.


We also added a little awning like we did to the guest house, and re roofed the whole building.


We made the windows on this wall a little bit bigger without changing the look too much, and put a smaller window in the top.

Oh but you guys….the view..


It’s like a panoramic picture.

I love this wall.


We saved enough of the old wood to hopefully plank this whole wall with it, as well as above the fireplace that will go between these two windows.


Do you see why I want Ry to let me come enjoy it with him?  Oh, and have a little decor say?? Its too fun to not help out just a bit:):)

And so far, he’s being a great sport!

I say “we” did all of this, but it’s been pretty much all ryan so far.  He’s one talented guy:)  And as of the last couple of weeks he’s got the whole outside done, the deck on, and wiring and insulation done.  We’ve had a bit of a push to get it ready “enough” to use for our Whimsy Green sale.  We are busting at the seams in the barn and are going to use this as an over flow area, even if there is insulation on the walls.  We’ll take what we can get!

So stay tuned for the inspiration pics I’m using to “help” Ry with decor:)

And for the furthest progress.

And if you want to see it in person, come visit us this weekend, for our Whimsy Green occasional sale!  We will be open Saturday from 9-4 and a night Sale on Tuesday the 11th from 6-9!  We can’t wait, we have SO MUCH stuff!!  If you want a sneak peek find us on instagram #buyitatwhimsy


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