Mens Gift Guide 2020

I have to be honest, I see so many gift guides for men and chuckle to myself because usually Ryan wouldn’t appreicate one of the things on them.  When you marry a hunter/outdoorsman/diy guy, not all gift guides suffice, so I thought I would put together Ryan’s tried and true favorites that might help you out too!  I’ll link the items below and then highlight some of the favorites!  

These bluetooth headphones may be my biggest menace since Ryan wont be outside without them on and he can’t hear a dang thing when they are on…but he loves them!  Whether its for mowing lawn, cutting wood, or working in the shed, he loves being able to shut out the noise and cranking the tunes!  You can even pair it with your phone and accept phone calls on it as well:) 

These are another must have for Ryan.  He actually ends up buying a new pair about every other year because he wears them out.  They are perfect for the outdoors men since they are warm and waterproof! 

This is the knock off version of the yeti that’s over twice the price, but Ryan bought it a year ago and takes it on every hunting trip.  He loves it and raves every single time how there is still ice in it 3 days later when he comes home!  

I can’t tell you how much Ryan loves this little set.  It has every random size drill bit head you would need and really comes in handy in a jam or a high stress time:)  But we never have those!:)  Anyway, it’s possibly saved out marriage once or twice, so it’s totally worth it:) 

And lastly, if you wanna splurge Ryan is in love with this wood pellet grill.  If I would’ve known how much more he’d be willing to cook with this, I wouldve bought it for ryan looooooong ago:) 

I hope this helps if you are struggling with what to know to buy for your country man:)


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