It seems like just yesterday I was all  big and round and excited to welcome my baby into the world….


and pretty soon this little cutie came into our lives and rocked our worlds!


can you even take it???

I can’t.

And then he stole my heart with his smile…


and fuzzy hair, and long toes..and, well…quite honestly, everything!


Do they get much cuter?!?


I just love him. This little boy seriously has my heart…and this past weekend we celebrated his 6th birthday!!!! How is that possible?!?


When I tell you he’s a charmer, I mean it.  He tells me all the time that I’m beautiful, what a good cooker I am, and how much he loves me.  Oh, and he’s the best snuggler in the world.  I think he’s learned well from his daddy:) Whose a great role model:)

Tate requested a fishing party…for the third year in a row. So we had to get a bit creative.


This was in place of his cake.

Fish party

fish party

and we had fun with the appetizers…

fishing party

We did a taco bar for the guests…

taco bar

Which was so easy.  The younger kids got the tacos in a bag while the adults made taco salads.

and of course we had to have ourselves some blue punch..


It’s a 2 liter of lemonade, a 2 liter of 7up, and a pitcher of blue kool-aid.

We had Tate’s catch hanging on the fireplace…


He says, “Mom…they’re just paper!”

fishing party

But he loved them:)

And I labored over drawing fish on the chalkboard wall:)  I forgot to take the pic so all I have is this pic of Ry and I showing some of it:)


I guess I did okay because Tate knew each one before I wrote what they were.  Score:)


Tate was so happy to have all his friends celebrate with him…


and of course the presents were fun too!



If you have a fisherman in your family, seriously, this is the game to get.  Tate has spent a couple hours breaking it in;)


Thanks Ericksons for the sweet gift!

So with that, I have to come to terms that I have no toddlers running around in the house anymore.  I have a little boy that is turning into a little gentleman.  And although I couldn’t be prouder of the young boy he’s turning into, I can’t help but think, “Where did the time go??”

Happy Birthday Buggy!

We love you!!


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4 thoughts on “MY BABY TURNED 6!!”

  1. Oh my goodness! Can I just say I have probably read this page three times now. Your family is so stinkin cute and you have the neatest ideas ever. I’m happy to say I have been following you on Pinterest :) When my little boy gets older I just might have to try out this fishing themed birthday party. My husband would love it that’s for sure.

  2. Lynn Hough Kinzel

    What great ideas for a fishing party theme! My son-in-law is the most passionate fisherman I’ve ever known. He owns Blue Ribbon Bait and Tackle in Oakdale, MN and is also a fishing guide — he especially loves guiding for muskies. What an adventure that would be for Tate someday! He is an adorable young man!

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