*disclaimer — I am not a medical professional and don’t claim to be.  I am simply sharing our story and the events we saw play out before our eyes.  

First of all, I want everyone who reads this story to know that in all things we as a family believe God is sovereign. While we do believe my dad should have walked out of that hospital if he had received proper treatment, we also believe that the Lord could have healed him if he so desired, outside of any medicine.  We find comfort in knowing that, and truly believe the Lord allowed us to see the plan of the enemy to help others, save lives, which in turn can save souls for eternal glory. This blog post is going to get long, so I’m sorry for that, but the Lord unveiled everything to us in His perfect timing, and each part is so critical to understand. So please read it all even if you watch the information at a later date.   *below is a picture of us four girls with my mom and dad. 

Second of all, and just as important, I am writing this blog post for EVERYONE, as we do not want to add to the narrative of us vs. them. This is not about vaxxinations, but yet it will be made about that. My dad was not vaxxinated, and we wouldn't have done it any other way even now, and if you want to put your hope and trust in a vaxxine and think this could have been avoided if we had done so, then that is your opinion. But, I have had hundreds of messages saying they or someone they knew was fully vaxxinated and yet still got covid, was hospitalized, or died. We are hoping to help EVERYONE. We don't care what personal decision you have made. We love you and want everyone to hear our story of what we went through in case you are in our shoes one day. Even if you disagree now, my prayer is that this information will be in the back of your mind if you need it.

How it all started:  My mom and dad both got sick and had co–d at the same time.  My mom had gone into the doctor first because she had been fighting a sinus infection two weeks before she got sick with co–d and wanted to get on medication if it was just a sinus infection.  Her doctor at the time told her she could get in trouble for this, but to take vitamin C which will help with covid as well and also prescribed her azithromycin while they waited for the results.  I truly think even these two things helped my mom immensely in her battle with co–d and this is where the first warning flag came in.  

First red flag, when given a positive co--d result, my parents were told to go home and rest and stay hydrated and if they got more sick call 911 or go to the ER. There was NO options or advice for early intervention. There was no monoclonal antibodies given which we now know some hospitals do IMMEDIATELY once a positive test is confirmed. There was no list of vitamins, steroids, or nebulizers given. My parents were at Marshfield Medical Hospital in Marshfield and their protocol is all about reactive care, not proactive care. In fact, this is the only advice they were given.

I have known that the CDC and FDA have not been proactive on treatment for Co–d from the beginning, and I had done research as to what doctors who are treating it differently have had success with.  I had done all of this even before any of our family members were diagnosed with a positive test.  So once my parents had gotten positive results and were struggling with the symptoms, we started this regimen, the treatment options for symptomatic illnesses.  I have a friend who sent me this months ago.  Her parents and her inlaws both got co–d and the doctor they went to, a Christian doctor, had been using this protocol with over 99% success.  She used it to heal both of her parents and inlaws, and she told me that her doctor was trying to get this information out there in the public, and the Department Of Health told him if he goes public with it they will shut him down. I 100% believe it after I saw how much the doctors squirmed at just mentioning a prescription that isn’t a part of their guidelines. On top of the vitamins we also got dad a prescription for iver–ctin from a tele health appointment since he was having a harder time breathing.  Also notice, my mom was prescribed the azithromycin which seemed to help her immensely, but it wasn’t prescribed for co–d, rather her sinus infection she thought she had before her test results came back.  I am so very grateful her doctor at the clinic (not the hospital) gave that to her and I truly think she knew what she was doing when she did.  Although I knew these supplements would help, sadly we didn’t have them on hand in time to give them right away.  My cousin (who is a nurse) purchased them and got them to my parents about days 5 and 6 of their symptoms.  I truly believe if we could have gotten it all sooner it could have kept my dad out of the hospital.  My dad got two doses of his Dr. prescribed iver–ctin in before my mom called the ambulance at 2 in the morning because she couldn’t keep his 02 levels up.  Screenshot the picture below to have on hand.  Or better yet, purchase all the vitamins so you have them when needed.  

My dad was admitted to Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield, Wisconsin on Friday, August 20th.  We sent all of his medication he was taking with him in the ambulance so he could have it, and this was the last time anyone would see my dad before he was on a ventilator.  That day my sister and I went home to be with my mom since she was still struggling with symptoms of co–d.  We both have had it and our natural immunities worked amazing and we never got sick.  The hospital called that day and told us to come pick up my dads medication.  We didn’t think anything of it at the time, we just thought they can’t use medicine brought in, they will use their own but keep him on what we had.  That was the first day we got to talk to one of the nurses and said we are adamant that we would like my dad to finish off his prescription for iverm–tin.  The nurse said okay, I will tell his doctor and have him call you.  Since my mom still had covid fog, I decided I would talk to the medical staff since they only wanted to inform one family member.  Again, we were never allowed to go up there and talk in person.  All of this was done at the mercy of the medical staff and on the phone.  Dr. Young called me back and I told him we wanted the iverm–tin that was prescribed by a doctor, in human drug form, to be completed by my dad.  He squirmed so much and said he was not comfortable administering that, and that he would have to ask and see if any of the other doctors would be comfortable and then my dad would have to switch care if someone would be willing.  I said thank you for the care you have given my dad but if someone is willing we 100% want to do that.  It was also at this time that we asked for my dad to receive the monoclonal antibodies also known as Regeneron.  Dr. Young told us they don’t use that anymore since it hasn’t been found to be effective (Although there is a lot of data to show it is) I said we wanted it anyway, and he told me if my dad gets worse we will consider it.  Looking back that is awful, it should have been the first thing given to my dad after a positive co–d test.  At this time I also had about 50 people send me this video.  

You can watch it HERE or HERE.  These videos tend to get deleted quickly so I’m adding two sources.  This video resonated with us so much and immediately we wrote down everything they said they did to advocate best for my dad.  I also was sent this protocol by so many, and used it as a reference as well.  I want you to have all the information in one spot so if you find yourself in this situation you can at least see the protocols that real doctors are using with real results.  I would much rather take my information from in field experiences than from a government who is overstepping their control in every area.  

Although Dr. Young would not prescribe my dad iverm–tin, or even allow him to finish out his very own prescription, he did allow us to change the steroid to budesonide, and added in vitamin c, zinc and  N-acetyl cysteine. We wanted my dad on the high dose IV vitamin C and he said he can’t do that, it’s too expensive.  Another red flag, we later found out that Remd–ivir, the drug they gave him that we’ll talk about soon, cost $3100.  He also told us they did not have vitamin D3.   Apparently medicare doesn’t cover vitamins, but will cover an expensive drug like Remd–ivir since it is the protocol.  More on Remd–ivir soon, but for now our focus was on iverm–tin.  Dr. Young did not call me back that day, again, super frustrating knowing that time is always of the essence in early intervention.  When I called the next day I spoke with another nurse and asked what the doctor said about iverm–tin and if he found someone who would administer it.  This is the point I want to get across loud and clear.  Not one of the the health professionals I talked to knew much of anything about iverm–tin.  Not only could the four doctors I pleaded with NOT give me one piece of data against it (I asked every single one of them) but not ONE of them could tell me why it was harmful.  They gave me no explanation as to why they wouldn’t allow my dad to receive it except for the fact that it wasn’t in their “protocol”.  


It was at this point that that we got a lawyer involved.  We watched my dad decline each day, and what they were doing was not helping him.  We saw it, they saw it, and yet they did not change their protocol or treatment.  This video below is a video of a meeting my mom and I were able to have with my dad’s ICU doctor two days before he died.  My mom was so worn out and didn’t want to fight, so this one a mild interaction, but he even admitted that my dad declined each step of the way and some patients thats just how it goes…and that’s when I told him then that’s when you should be willing to try something else since what you were doing was obviously not helping. 

Watching my dad decline and having no say in his treatment was the most helpless feeling I've ever had.

This was the first letter our lawyer, who also was a friend of my dads, wrote to Marshfield Medical.  

And this was the hospitals response.  I truly believe it is criminal to withhold a legal prescription from a patient, which is why we got a lawyer involved.  

First of all, when clicking on the link the FDA article has no data in it other than it is a horse medicine, which it is not.  It has been a human medicine for over 30 years and won the nobel prize in 2015 for HUMANS.  Here is the link to the FDA article the hospital sent Also, the government always uses fear to drive their point across, in this article it says iverm–tin can be deadly if overdosed on.  I want you to know that it is less deadly than tylenol and my good friend has a personal friend that used horse iverm–tin in shot form and gave himself the whole shot.  When he called poison control, the lady said he will be just fine, he might get dizzy or sick but no need to come in.  That was the poison control center using animal drugs, so when they say this is the safest drug on the market, it truly is. I want to share with you the articles and data I ended up sending to Dr. Al Twal.  After asking every single doctor to give me evidence that iverm–tin is harmful, not one could do it.  They would say it is not a part of our protocol but they could not back up why they would not allow my dad to finish his prescription or even administer it themselves since we were requesting it.  They denied us our requests therefore not advocating for us, their patient.  To give you some more background on iverm–tin, and what I found out when I was researching it is this.  

  • Iverm–tin is cheap, readily available, highly effective, and has been known as on of the safest drugs in history.  
  • It has been administered 4 billion times over the last 40 years and is listed by the WHO as an essential medicine safe for pregnant women and children. 
  • Iverm–tin was previously approved for other parasitic diseases as the worldwide standard of care with positive results from 10 trials.
  • Right now there are 31 randomized controlled trials with 6561 patients showing Iverm–tin is a highly effective treatment for SARS-coV-2 and even more effective when taken as a prophylactic or early treatment. 
  •  Big tech is sensoring doctors and scientists for discussing the science supporting Iverm–tin as a part of a multi-drug therapy that is cheap, effective, low-risk, life saving treatment for C–ID 19
  • Iverm–tin won a nobel peace prize for human consumptions
  • Iverm–tin is FDA approved
  • Many countries are now using iverm–tin as a prophylactic to stop the spread of the variants.  
*Below is a press release from Botswana to allow the immediate use of iverm–tin because of it’s effectiveness.  A lot of other countries are joining in as well such as India.  Many of the 3rd world countries have low rates of co–id because they already used iver–tin which greatly reduced the spread.  
  • I told Dr. Al Twal that we have a lawyer involved since the hospital will not allow us the treatment we want and he immediately asked if I was threatening him.  He wouldn’t listen to me or advocate for us.  He was rude, loud and arrogant.  When asking him directly if he has data he can send me he said he didn’t.  I said, well I do.  At the end of the conversation he said he will look at my data if I fax it over.  I don’t think he really thought I would, because who faxes? But I found 4 articles, well two that were court cases that were won and showed amazing results with patients on vents getting iverm–tin, and two studies proving it was effective.  These are the studies I shared with him. 
  • Article 1
  • Article 2
  • Article 3
  • Article 4

Again it was another day before I could talk to the Dr. Al Twal And I have to tell you how frustrating it is to have that much time go by knowing every minute counts.  The next day he said he did look at my data but he discredited it all since two of the articles were news reports.  He said nothing about the actual study and article from the NIH. Both completely valid in the healthcare realm.  He was not willing to learn or look into alternative treatments. Another part of the conversation that same day Dr. Al Twal did admit that they were not allowed to treat a patient outside of the guidelines set by the hospital.  He also told us at this point when we again asked for the antibodies that it was too late.  So they first told us dad wasn’t sick enough for them and now they told us he’s too sick.  So infuriating.  

I’m sorry this is so scattered, there was just so many different facets to it.  Once we received the letter back from the hospital saying they denied dad the right to finish his own prescriptions, our lawyer sent another letter.  This time is was more direct and more urgent.  We were starting to get very scared for my dad.  And I have to tell you, because God is in the details and we truly believe God was walking every step of the way with us, I have to share this story.  The morning before our lawyer sent out the second letter, he texted early in the morning and said, hurry, turn on 550 am radio!  We didn’t see his text right away, but when we turned it on it was an interview with our local radio station and Dr. Pierre Kory, who is one of the biggest advocates for iverm–tin since he has seen such amazing results.  You can find that interview HERE.  But since our lawyer hadn’t known much about iverm–tin (he is more family law and not medical law) it was amazing that the Lord just so happened to have him hear that at 8:00 am the day we are asking him to fight this battle for my dad with us.  To us, it was confirmation that we were 100% doing the right thing. The second letter our lawyer sent is attached below.  

And this was the hospitals response the second time.  

So disheartening.  After this response our lawyer was working on getting an emergency court injunction, but by this time my dad was losing his fight.  To catch you up where he was, he was in the hospital 5 days before they moved him to the ICU.  I asked if they would please not move him to the ICU because we had heard horror stories that once they were in the ICU they didn’t come out.  I also told them I didn’t want him moved because at this time we were looking into other hospitals to see if we could transfer him and if they would allow different treatment.  The hospital denied our request to keep him there.  They said he needed to go to the ICU where he would get better medical attention, have better equipment, and could take care of him better.  24 hours after being in the ICU we got the call that they were intubating him.  We said we really didn’t want him intubated but they told us he was coding and we had no choice.  I cannot emphasize enough the helpless feeling it is to not be able to be there, talk to our dad, see him in person and know how he is doing.  The other important piece to this puzzle is we found out the day after my dad was intubated that they put him on a drug called Precedex when he first got to the ICU.  He was on a BiPap machine when he first went into the ICU and they told us they were hoping he could stay on that.   My mom told us they put dad on a new drug, and told us what it was, and that day I saw a story on IG warning about Precedex the day after he was given it.  The story said they couldn’t understand why all of these covid patients were given Precedex once admitted to the ICU because it decreases oxygenation.  Again, I truly believe the Lord allowed us to see every part of this plan.  After doing a quick internet search I found this…”Precedex can interact with other drugs that can cause drowsiness or slowed breathing, leading to dangerous side effects or death.” Why did my dad receive this medication if they were trying to help his breathing, not slow it down.   

You give up 100% control once they are in the hospital care and it is so very scary.  

This is where the story just begins.  I know this seems crazy, but there are just so many levels to what we experienced I want you to understand all of it in my mind is a part of the plan of the enemy.  The isolation and no contact is a huge part of that as well.  You truly do not know what is going on and you cannot advocate for the patient like you could if you were in their room with them.  So 24 hours after my dad was intubated we got a call saying his kidneys weren’t working correctly and he had to go on dialysis, and they also told us his body was going into shock and they needed to give him 3 blood pressure medications to keep his blood pressure up.  24 hours after that they called and told us they needed to put in a 3rd chest tube.  When they intubated him part of his lung collapsed and they put in two chest tubes.  Liquid was forming around the lungs and they had to put in a 3rd chest tube to remove it.  Everytime the phone rang our hearts sank since it was never good news.  This day, August 28th, is when the doctor, a new doctor that night, Dr. Polomis, called us and wanted to have a meeting.  It was our first meeting with a doctor since my dad had been in the hospital.  3 of us girls and 1 brother-in-law, plus my mom and my uncle came to that meeting.  What we experienced that night was incomprehensible.  The doctor told us they had tried everything possible for dad but he was dying.  There was nothing left to try.  It was at this point that we went into a 30 minute session of begging, crying, pleading, praying and yelling for them to try the iverm–tin.  They just told us our dad has no hope, but yet they still wouldn’t try it.  Again, he gave no reason.  It literally makes no sense.  They told us my dad was dying yet they weren’t willing to give him a drug that is less harmful than tylenol.  On top of that the Dr. told us he thought it would be best if we turned my dads ventilator off.  He said he has 1-2 days on the ventilator, and 1-2 hours if we shut it off, and he thought it would be best and most comfortable for my dad to shut it off.  It was at this time that my mom asked if she could go back and see my dad (for the first time) before making a decision.  He allowed only her to go back and visit my dad.  When my mom came out she said out of nowhere, I want 24 hours and iverm–tin.  We took up the iverm–tin battle one more time and by the grace of God, and only God, Dr. Polomis asked if we had dad’s prescription on us.  We said no but we can go get it.  He said if you bring it to me I will give him the rest of the prescription.  Now at this time it still felt defeating since we knew that he only had 2 doses left and his body was failing.  Yet feeling like we won a tiny little battle felt good.  Then, the most sinister words came out of Dr. Polomis’s mouth.  He just agreed to give my dad the iverm–tin, so we were all excited, and then he continued and said….

"What if I told you I could make it possible for all 5 of you to go back and see your dad together?"
Our response, "Really?!? That would be amazing!" (because none of us had been able to see dad)
Dr. Polomis response, "You just need to turn off the vent."

Jaw drop.

It was almost like he was so nervous he offered to give dad the iverm–tin that he wanted us to kill him first.  He dangled a carrot of seeing our loved one in our face if only we’ll give up on him and let him die.  I can’t describe the feeling in my stomach besides a gut punch of pure evil.  I was at that hospital 3 times while my dad was there, and not once was I able to see him.  We had my moms friends grab my dads medication and drive it up to the hospital, we dropped it off with the Dr. and had to just trust that he would crush it up and put it in his tube.  The next morning I was talking to my friends about having to make the decision to turn my dads vent off and my one friend who is a PA said, “Can I just ask why you would turn the vent off?  He hasn’t been on it that long and so many people stay on a vent for a long time? ”  I went upstairs and told my mom that, because we thought we were going back that next day to make the decision.  What we didn’t realize, and all 6 of us up there felt like we had no option but to turn the vent off.  The doctor was very deceiving in how he worded his speech.  Later we realized we would never choose to give up on my dad.  Why had we even thought that. We said we will fight for him as long as possible and God would take him home or heal him.  When we got back from the hospital the second night, my sister Melanie texted me and said, is dad on Remd–ivir?  My response was, “he is Mel, and I know its’ not a good medication but I am so sick of fighting now.  I’m leaving it in God’s hands.”  She said, I totally understand, and that was that.  Well the next morning right when I got up my other sister Jenni sent me a video on Remd–ivir with no knowledge that my other sister just asked about it too.  Now I knew God wanted me to pay attention.  It was only 10 minutes so I decided to watch it.  The information presented made me sick.  If you watch nothing else or read nothing else, I ask you to please watch this video.  

This is one of the slides from the video about a study done is 2018 by F*uci.  23% of the patients had serious adverse events on Rem–ivir.

When Dr. Ardis said that Fau-i knew that Remd–ivir was having fatal effects on people in 2018 but still chose it to be the ONLY drug to be used in the United States, he actually bought it all out the whole first year of the pandemic so no other countries could use it through October of last year, and that America has had the #1 death rate of C-vid out of any country, my head started spinning.  Why is America, supposedly the most medically advanced country, experiencing the highest death rates? That should make all of us question a few things.  On top of that Dr Ardis said what the side effects were of Remd–ivir.  This is when I stopped the video and said we are calling the hospital immediately. The side effects are kidney failure, shock, and ultimately organ failure.  Every single thing my dad endured.  Why are so many c-vid patients dying of kidney failure? We truly feel like we saw the final plan of the enemy. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  We called the nurse right then and said stop Remd–ivir immediately.  She said, “Well that should be no problem since he got a full 10 days in.”  They stopped it but it was too late.  Dad died two days later on September 1st.  The day he died I saw a friend post the same video on her IG account.  I messaged her and told her what happened to my dad.  She reposted my DM without tagging me and so when I saw that I told my sister Sonia to go check out her stories.  Not even 10 minutes later and the story was gone.  The video from above, and my comment. She said they didn’t even give her any warning, it was just deleted.  The treatment they are giving is intentionally killing people, I have no doubt in my mind about it.  My dad was a casualty of war.  It makes me so sad that we couldn’t fight for him.  We tried with all our might but this is his story, and this is the end God had for him.  So in that I find peace that we are supposed to share his story and shed light in the darkness.  What is happening is so very wrong and most people have no clue.  So my request for you reading this is two fold.  

1.) Us little guys will never be able to touch big pharma. It's too big of a beast. But what us little guys can do is raise some noise and awareness. This isn't something to be quiet about. My hopes are that if you have a story similar you will share it. If you've lost someone the same way and didn't know, start questioning. It's not okay how they are censoring doctors with different protocols, who are having success. It's not okay that they are allowing us to believe c-vid is what's killing so many when in reality it's the protocol. It is not okay that they are intentionally withholding treatment that has been proven to be safe and effective.

2.) If you are in healthcare, start questioning. Look into different treatments that are having success. Listen to your patients. Really ask yourself if you truly believe in the protocol that is being demanded of you. I know it's scary, and I could tell these doctors would have had their jobs on the line if they did something else, but these are our dads and moms, husbands and wives. Start speaking out or take a stand. We all need to be in this together. The government wants us to be perpetually in fear. Death creates fear and fear creates control. To the doctors who are putting their patients first, THANK YOU!!! We see you and you are a HERO!

3.) If you find yourself in our situation, be prepared. Call around to hospitals to see which ones allow alternative treatments. Be prepared at home with early intervention. I sure wish I would have had this blog before my dad was in the same situation. I think it would have been a matter of life and death.

4.) And lastly, make sure you know where you're going when you die. My dad was never afraid. He always knew God was in control. My dad actually wins. He's in heaven now where there is no more pain and no more suffering because he put his hope in Jesus, knowing he was a sinner in need of a Savior. I don't want this blog post to put fear into anyone, because although we are so mad at the enemy, we are so at peace knowing that the Lord knew the number of days my dad had. Nothing happens outside of His will. And in that there is so much peace.

Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

This was one of the last videos from my dad.  He was so proud of us.  He knew we were trying to get him different treatment, but he didn’t know we had a lawyer involved or the extent of what we had learned.  We didn’t want him to have to worry about anything but getting better.  He’s better now, he’s perfect actually.  And we can’t wait til the day we get to see him again.  

My dad finished this book a month before he went into the hospital.  Little did he know how much we would cherish it just one month later.   He answered 52 questions over the year and this was one of his last responses.  So my dad, even though he lost his life to the darkness, would want you to know that the light is always brighter.  He would want to encourage you to put your hope in Jesus and not in this world, and to realize that eternity is at stake.  We love you dad and we will continue to share your story to try to help so many others!  


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