My Daughter…The Next Picasso!

The other day my kids pulled out their markers and started coloring like crazy.  A great activity to do on rainy days…cloudy days…or days you need to get something done.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up when I come back to see this….a beautifully colored little Kynlee-Kooks

Maybe my first mistake was letting her color naked??  Haha, notice her brother chilling in his underoos in the back…cracks me up:)

The close-up

So, not much harm done.  I did tell her we don’t color on herself but you know it’s a kodak moment, so you need to make the most of it, and luckily it was washable so after a quick bath I got my little kooks to return to this…

And just when I think my little artist has learned her lesson and expended all of her creative juices…I find my little Rudolph Kynlee next time like this…

How does one discipline this???  I mean seriously, could you??

And then it hit me, I have a mini picasso on my hands…if you so humor me, lets take a closer look.

Look at how she blended her colors, without even looking mind you!!

and also notice how well she matched her body art to her shirt.  The girl is only 1 and she already knows color schemes.

So, instead of disciplining this action I have decided to encourage my little artist.  There is clearly A LOT of talent there:)  Who should rip that away from a hopeful Picasso dreamer??

Happy Friday everyone!!


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3 thoughts on “My Daughter…The Next Picasso!”

  1. so sweet and such a great outlook on it! at least she did not decorate your white couches!!!! my kids do the same thing! i have switched to color crayons for a while cuz they like to put markers in their mouths! enjoy!!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! These couches are beautiful! I would be frightened to death that the marker would get all over them! haha, but you have a great way of looking at it! Makes me smile! ^__^

  2. Melissa Rupar

    Love this my daughter looks the same way right now. She is always coloring with mark on herself. I have shorts on her today and you can see her colorful legs, but she says they are pretty.

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