My Favorite Slip

I told you I’ve been having fun working on projects around the house, and this last week was one of my favorites.  Not to actually do, mind you, but the finished product.

Brenda, at Little Red Hen, another occasional shop in town that we love, knew I slipped furniture.  She had come across two wingback chairs that needed a little update, and asked if I’d be interested.  Of course I snagged them right up after seeing what great shape they were in!  But they just weren’t quite my style…..


But they were in great shape, a huge plus!  and they were a great price at $25 a piece.  I also loved that she had a matching set!  They did come with a cushion, I just forgot to take a before pic and the new cover is already on the old cushion:)  They also came with a cute little throw pillow.  Huge steal!  Thanks Brenda!


Can you believe I’m going to cover that up! :)

If you know me well, I don’t love to sew.  I only do it out of necessity.  I taught myself how to slip by watching you tubes and blog tutorials, for the sake of saving myself money while still achieving the look I love.    So, these bad boys have been sitting in the shed for the last 6 months, just waiting to get a little love.  Or waiting for me to get motivated enough to do them.  I thought what a better time to work on them for Whimsy than winter, when I can’t be painting the shed full of furniture I have because it’s -30 out.  So, that’s what I did.  At least to one of them.  Now I have to work up the gumption to finish it’s twin.

I decided to try to keep track of about how long it took me to do this project, for selling purposes.  And I did keep track (somewhat) of time….but kinda fell in love with these so I’m not sure they will make it to whimsy.  I’m not showing you how I did these today, you’ll have to look back to my first diy slip project to see that.  I can say though that they have become a little less intimidating and easier to do.  If you remember correctly I did this chair first…

That was way back in the day at our old house, and since then sold it in our first whimsy sale.

This chair was my second venture….


Sorry, this was the best pic I could find.  It was a lovely rose velvet wingback that I covered in white duck cloth.  That little chair to the left was actually another fun mini slip:)

And this was my last slip…


Well, 4 of them to be exact.  Out of drop cloth…and that’s where my dropcloth relationship was formed:)  Since this pic it got some cute white ribbon ties on the back:)

So, as I’m feeling a little more confident in my abilities, I started the flower chair.

Once again, before..


And after….


I loved the fun lines this chair had, although it did make it a bit more tricky.  I think she has more of a feminine feel to her though….


See how pretty her back is:)  I’m twitter pated.  I still need to iron her little dainty skirt down.
I decided to use dropcloth with white trim.  I like the contrast.  I also added a little pleat skirt to keep her girly.  I always think wingbacks tend to be a bit masculine, so any chance I can get to girl them up I’ll take:)

IMG_0618Isn’t the pop fun!

On top of all of this “funness” if I can make up that word…I got some great fabric in the mail.  Double love


Can I get a ooh..ahhh :)  Love the Ogee pattern in this fabric.  And I”m also in love with the blue gray colors.  I want to mix them with some yellows for summer.


This fabric has a linen feel so the texture is great.  An inexpensive way to get the most for your money.  Find a fabric you love and make pillow covers out of it.  If you want to stretch the fabric a little further you can even back it with a solid, like your dropcloth or white duck cloth.

For now I just wrapped this around my pillow to get a feel for it…

IMG_0630Yep!  She’s a keeper.  If you are thinking how in the world is that girl gonna keep that chair there, there’s not nearly enough room..don’t worry, I’m not.  I am thinking they may end up in our bedroom….yet I love the look of them down here as well.  I may just be playing around with them for a bit to their best fit:)  But sadly I don’ think that will be in Whimsy.  Not this chair at least.  Or her twin…which speaking of, is calling my name to get started on :)

Oh, p.s.  I never told you how many hours I have into these cuties.  I figured it was probably around 6 hours.  Not awful…not great…and it came with about 30 pin pricks as well.  But for $30 worth of material, it’s a steal of a deal for the quality of chair.


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12 thoughts on “My Favorite Slip”

  1. Hi Allie! Would you ever consider sewing slip covers for hire? I have a few chairs that desperately need to be covered but I’m looking for a less expensive option than reupholstering.

    1. Thanks so much for thinking of me Stephanie:) I actually have turned down quite a few people for sewing slips just because I really don’t enjoy doing it:) and I’m not a master sewer so I’d be too nervous doing it for someone else! Thanks though!:)

  2. Love the makeover on the chair! I just might have to look into doing it too. What sites are you looking at to find your fabric? They seem so expensive if I search outside of JoAnn Fabrics (which don’t always have the best selection of good looking fabric!).

    1. I agree! I found to have great prices and free shipping if you spend over $35 and I also like I try to find less expensive fabric for big projects and then splurge on a couple for accents like pillows, pennants, etc. Robert Allen has some beautiful fabric out and the quality is amazing!

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