My First Exciting Purchase of the Season!

Okay, so I promised that today I would reveal my first exciting new purchase of the garage sale season.  I must clarify though, it really wasn’t my find to have.  One of my good friends’ husband is an auctioneer.  She works all of his auctions and gets to see all of the fun items that come and go.  She also gets to bid on items when no one else is bidding, which can give her some steals of a deal!  This item she bought for the low low price of $2!!

I had the idea of looking for a dresser this garage sale season to use as a buffet in my dining room.  I was super excited when my friend told me that she was going to be selling one of the dressers (she got 2 at the price of $2/piece) at her garage sale.  Hence the garage sale purchase:)  I quickly took it off of her hands and brought the beaut into my home.  This is what she looks like today, I must was a match made in heaven:)  Haha, at least for the price!

I thought at first that I would repaint it and change up the hardware, but I am loving the dings and scratches character it has, as well as the big old wooden knobs.

It’s amazing how one piece of furniture can really change the feel of the house.  I love this piece because I can see it from both doors.

The living room view

I was especially excited because I had gotten these vintage looking clocks about 4 years ago from my mom and had never found a place for them.  I loved them so much that I never sold them, so I was super happy when they fit perfectly on the buffet.  I also moved a mirror over, pulled out some dishes from the cupboard, as well as the salt and pepper shaker…and some odds and ends I had around the house..and I was able to decorate it for free!

So, I strongly encourage you to check out some local auctions around you.  It is amazing what you can get!  If you are in the area, this piece was located at a Lundeen Auction, they do a great job and hold many auctions throughout the year locally!!


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4 thoughts on “My First Exciting Purchase of the Season!”

  1. Thank you for this blog! I really enjoy it! I have a a big piece of furniture I’m getting ready to paint and distress and I was wondering what red you used on the shelf you used for the distressing blog. Also, what color did you paint the entertainment center that you put in your living room remodel?

    1. Hey Kelly,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m super sorry but I no longer have the red paint color and I am actually bummed about it because I have some spots to touch up. That’s when I was a novice and forgot that you need to save your cans, or at least the name…so that you can buy touch up paint when you need it?!?! Silly me, I have learned my lesson, so therefore I do have the color of the entertainment center. It was the martha stewart color from Home Depot in Arrowroot MSL123. 1 for 2, hope that helps!

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