My Old/New Bed!

So, I mentioned to you all that last week I was highly motivated to paint my bed after I had stopped at Home Depot to get the paint.  I finished my “work list” that Ry had for me and now it is time for the bed!!  The first thing I have to mention is that I never knew how many whites there are to choose from!!  If you ever go to a paint store, check it out…it’s crazy!! It will make anyone second guess themselves.  I decided to go with the Behr ultra, primer + paint in Decorator’s White.  I chose this color because it was actually a little warmer than the stark white, but yet didn’t appear cream.  I have white bedding and didn’t want that to look dingy if my bed was too white so I had to be careful.  Anyway, decorators white won, and I was quite happy with it.

So, my plan of attack was to paint the bed during my kids naps.  2 reasons:  1.)  No munchkins to get in the way, and 2.) No husband to yell at me when I paint the bed on the carpet in my bedroom!!  (Have I mentioned I’m a little lazy at moving furniture too?)

So, here’s how the project started…

First the mattress needed to come off, I almost busted the bed getting them off, but my muscles pulled through.

Next, reveal the scary stuff looming under the bed, I do love under bed storage though!

Hard to believe that this is coat #2.  I was a little impatient (imagine that) and didn’t wait the total 4 hours it takes before you can repaint.  So, needless to say it took 4 coats!!  Ahh!!  Also, I didn’t have any little roller pads left so I did it all with my ever faithful Purdy brush.  I think I have carpal tunnel after this project!

So just a little reminder, this is what the bed looked like before there were 4 coats of decorators white paint on it!

And here’s the after….

I liked the wood, but I love the cottage feel the white adds, it also lightens up the room so much!

It makes the bedding really pop too!  I put my throw back on the bed to add a little more contrast to the white.

And there it is.  $14 dollars later and I feel like I have a new bedroom.  I love it that paint is cheap:)  Happy Friday everyone!!


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6 thoughts on “My Old/New Bed!”

  1. That bed looks amazing!!!! And you didn’t even sand it first??? I definitely will have to check out the Behr Paint with Primer!! :)

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and this is awesome! I love your new/old bed, I’ve always wanted a sleigh bed just like this.

    You have a really great colour scheme going on too… I love the whites with the blue and light brown accents.

    You should submit these photos to a magazine or something!

    Great job :)

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