My Paint Colors

I have had quite a few questions on the paint colors in my home, and although I try to answer all questions in the comments, I realize if you are popping in for the first time you don’t always see them.  So today I’m going to give you a bit of a home tour, sharing my paint colors throughout.  I first want to tell you that I have quite a few different brands, although I usually get them all mixed in the Behr ultra with a satin finish.  I like how it paints, and it’s not as expensive as some other brands.

The first room you walk into is the eating area/kitchen…


The wall color is called “Gull” by Martha Stewart.

martha stewart paint - gull

and the cabinets


are another Martha Stewart color called “Sharkey Gray.”


I love this gray because it really takes on a warm tone.

My living room and dining room are next….




Are another Martha Stewart color called “Glass of Milk.”


It’s a nice creamy white that I like.  It’s not too cold, not too warm.  Just right:)

My office is painted in Martha Stewart “Bedford Gray.”


Bedford Gray..


Although I like this color, I may repaint this room at some time.  This color is really pretty in a bright airy room, but the office only gets morning sun and then is quite dark the rest of the day.  The gray looks a little too ” cool” for my liking.

The last room on the main level is the bathroom.  This room I needed to paint in a jiffy and ended up running to walmart to pick out a color since it was the closest.


It was a better Home and Gardens color called “Newsworthy Neutral.”  I have actually had a lot of people ask for this color.  It is a great neutral to blend grays and browns.

I couldn’t find a color of it online so hopefully they still have it.

That does it for the downstairs.

We move upstairs and in my bedroom I used another Martha color called “Whetstone Gray.”




I love how subtle it is.  Surprise!

whetstone gray

These colors all look quite similar online, and truthfully they are all very soft subtle colors, so there isn’t a huge difference, but a bit more than you can tell from the photos.

My bathroom is also in the “Gull” color that’s in our kitchen/eating area.


And Sharkey Gray is on the vanity.

Kynlees room is such a soft soft pink color, that my mom swore it was white:)  I love it though..


It’s called Billowy Clouds and it was a Behr color.


The last room is Tates, and I just used the stock white from the shelf..


All of our trim is painted in Bejamin Moore, Decorator’s white..


It’s a little bit warmer than a stark white, but still gives good contrast.

So there you have it, finally a post with all the paint colors in one spot.

Happy Painting!


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22 thoughts on “My Paint Colors”

  1. Hi! Do you have the paint formula for Sharkey Gray? I am dying to put it on my cabinets but my local home depot doesn’t have the formula.

      1. My local Lowe’s still has the Sharkey Gray formula in their computer. I bought some paint at Fred Meyer, a hypermarket here in Oregon, and they had the Sharkey Gray formula, too, so I bought it there.

  2. The Home Depot no longer carries Martha Stewart paint I am desperate for Glass of milk paint formula. By chance do you have it? Thanks Cindy

    1. They should still be able to color match it, I just went in about a month ago and they had all the martha stewart color swatches still and color matched them?? I will look and see if I can find that can still…not sure if I still have one! I”ll let you know soon:)

    1. I think that would look really nice. I love sharkey gray because it is so light, and it is a really warm gray. I think the contrast would be enough though and you’d be happy with it! :)

    1. It was quite easy. I just roughed them up a bit with the palm sander, I didn’t strip them down to the bare wood, and then painted them with a foam roller and brush. Spraying would be ideal but this was a bit easier!

  3. I love your headboard in the bedroom, do you remember where it is from and what color it is? I’m looking for something exactly like it and not having much luck.

  4. What is the brand and color name of the Red shelving piece that is pictured on the page where you explain how to distress furniture?

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