My Workspace…and some Christmas:)

Even though I am so beyond appreciative to be where we are at right now in this home makeover process, there are still a few things that bug.  The biggest thing right now is my home office.  Or should I call it the storage room/tool room/office.  Exactly.  I just thought I’d show you where I have been blogging from these past couple of days:)

Don’t hurt yourself looking for the desk..there isn’t one.  See the computer on the ground there, yep…that one.  She’s up and running praise the Lord, but I about get carpal tunnel typing on the floor.  The kids love it though!

There’s a close-up of her, so neat and tidy I can hardly stand it!

So, my sister-in-law called me last week and said that she would love to be a blessing to us this holiday season (which she already/always is!) but that I could pick a day for her to take the kiddos.  Oh yippie skippie.  I can’t quite remember the last time I got to be at my house without my kids.  Love em to death, but lots more gets accomplished when they aren’t around.  So I took her up on it today.  My goal…the office.  I must warn you, to you it may not look like much got done…but to me, some mountains were moved!  And I had a little more fun playing decorating:)

Oh my goodness there is carpet!!!!  Still no desk, but carpet:)

See that little cutie in the back, the seafoam green one??  I got that from Ryan’s grandma and can’t wait to see what a slip will do for her:)

So, no worries…this is NOT the makeover blog on my office.  I actually have some fun ideas for her, and my desk…so check back in a year and it might be done:)  Or hopefully sooner!!  But here’s a few more pics of Christmas to leave you with.  I keep tweaking, and tweaking and tweaking some more:)

Loving the vintage sheet music, adds a little country Christmas feel!

I added a few spruce tips from my shrub outside to spice up the presents a bit:)

And lastly, while trying not to give away too much of the kitchen:)

p.s. No matter how far I stretched I couldn’t get away from those shiny bulbs, so yes…I know I’m in there.  Trust me, for your sake it’s good you can’t see any closer:)

Merry Christmas!!


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