New Panes

This arrived in the mail yesterday and I got giddy!


I know…you’re probably saying what is that??

Well, before we moved we had just gotten new windows, and I loved them.  I was happy that the house we moved to had newer windows, and that they were double hungs….but they didn’t have the grids that I loved.  Our old ones looked like this…

They just had grids in the top.

I went over to a friends house one night and saw that she had added grids to her windows.  I loved it and she said it was so easy!

So I went on the  New Panes website and quickly ordered myself the medium sampler kit to try it out for myself.  I loved them so much that I just ordered the rest to finish our upstairs, and our guest house.

So…how does new panes work?  Well, you get these connectors….


I used one for each window, except for in the guest house when I did the whole window and did two.  These cost $.69 a piece…what a splurge:)

Then, you receive this pvc that you cut and put on the ends…


I just used a scissors and was able to complete all of my windows within an hour.  I would recommend that you cut the pieces just a tiche longer than needed so you can trim to a perfect fit.

So, what exactly do these do?? Well, here are Kynlee’s windows before…


and after adding the new panes…


It’s not a huge difference, but it adds a bit more character.  The pvc pieces are 2.99 a piece, and I figured it takes about 1 1/2 to do each window, so these 2 windows cost me under $11.  What I really love is that you also see them from the outside of the house.  It really looks like we got all new windows when you drive up:)

Here’s one more example….

The guest house before…


and now with new panes:)


and this is how it looks on the outside…


To get them to stick you put little pieces of double stick velcro on the cross piece so they easily pop on and off for cleaning!

And here’s how a little bit more of the house looks with the new windows:)


I love how well they show up!

So, our new windows cost us $140 to do the whole house and guest house.  I didn’t think that was too bad:)  And that was with shipping x2, so if you really think you’re gonna want do your whole house, I would try to order in one package since shipping is $10-$15.

Putting grids in only the top pane was also cost effective for us, but this wouldn’t work if you had crank outs or sliders since there is no division.  They do have corners you can buy so you could make a surround for the area, but again, that would be more money.   Please let me know if you have any questions!  For now, I’m just enjoying looking out my new “old” windows:)


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17 thoughts on “New Panes”

  1. Hi! We have an old house and had to purchase new windows but the grills were ridiculously expensive. Since we bought windows 4 years ago I do like them but I have always love the look with the grills and feel like I just need to have them. Our house is a normal sized house but we have windows everywhere. So I have about 40 windows and not a lot of money to get grills. Your Windows look magnificent. I’m just curious how did you attach the girls to the window? Did you use the double-sided tape or Velcro like I’ve seen on other sites? I don’t care if there permanently in there I gladly clean around the girls to get my grilled luck just curious how you did it before I purchase them. Thank you so much for your post I’m so happy to think that I might be able to do this myself.

    1. Yes, we love our newpanes! I just used the double sided sticky tape, in a very small piece. And honestly, unless you are looking for it, no one would know its there;)

  2. It has been several years now since you did your DIY pane project. How have they held up? I called their 800 number and could not get through to anyone. All I got was an answering machine that said go to the website. That concerned me. Also, I could not find anywhere on the website where I could purchase just the strips. All I could find were kits.

    1. I LOVE them!! They have held up great, look just as good as the day we got them:) I actually just ordered more for my mom and some for our guest house:) And you can order just the strips and cross pieces on the website..I believe the strips are about $3 a piece?? I would do it again in a heartbeat:)

  3. Hi,

    I see the windows are very beautiful. I wonder did you have any customer service issues from I believe you’re review is the only good one I’ve seen online and I’m concerned if I have an issue that I’m out of luck.


    1. Hi Nicole,
      I had no problems with the company, but I also never needed to contact customer service either. It was the only product out there that did what I wanted for relatively cheap, and two years later and I am still super happy with them!! Hope that helps??? :):)

  4. Looks good & i love the rug u painted :) ??? If you don tmind me asking :( So you dont have no blinds up to your windows ? I just wished i lived in a neighbor hood where i didnt have to use any :( those things can be a pain. Also are you gonna be selling any pictures that u posted with the snow ? if so i am interested….i bet a black & white would also be beautiful !!! But that red & the snow is outta this world :))


    1. We never really pull our drapes, I do love country life! We have a couple of bamboo blinds in our bedroom but can honestly say those have rarely gotten pulled as well! You are so sweet Susan, I will try to figure out a way to make the photos available:)

    1. Thanks LouAnn! I found them on clearance at Lowes awhile back. I also have a pair of white wooden lamps I got from Homegoods. Homegoods has great deals on lamps!

  5. So Home Depot or ‘nears doesn’t carry anything like this? Very cute. Admire what you do , you make Maratha look weak, lol

  6. They look great!! Glad they worked out for you. I wish I could do the rest of mine but I have the sliding window. Maybe someday I can talk Jamie into double hung ones!!!

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