Well now isn’t that just a bit random for a title :)  But I have lots to share.

First of all I wanted to share with you all how I am doing ONE WHOLE DAY IN WITH NO SCREENS!  You may be thinking to yourself.  Wait!  I’m reading a screen right now that you are typing from.  Well, this is true.  Since I view my blog as more my job, I am allowing myself to continue blogging.  What I am NOT allowing myself to do is, to scroll on my phone for anything.  I still text and talk:)  I am NOT allowing myself to watch tv this week (basically the only sacrifice there was the Today Show:)  and I’m using that time instead to draw near to God, resist the devil, and also focus more on my family.  So my progress to far.  I found myself reaching for my phone all the time yesterday, out of habit.  I would grab it to take it with me in case I got bored, or I just NEEDED to see if I had any messages.  I stopped myself about a hundred times from hitting the home button.  Crazy right?!?  I learned that I may have been more addicted than I thought.  So this morning I woke up and gave it another go.  First, I must say that after a solid month of Beckett sleeping until 7:30, he has been GETTING UP AT 6!  For the love, I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  I think there is some tempting going on.  My first plan of attack would be to get the coffee started and turn on the tv and be mindless for 2-3 hours until my brain started to function.  But alas, that was not an option.  Instead I again found myself playing with cutie pie in bed, still trying to buy a few minutes of shut eye:) But then coming downstairs and starting my day.  Turning on praise and worship music an digging in to chapter two of the book I’m reading, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith,  by Lysa Terkeurst.  What stuck out at me today was when she wrote..

To honor God completely you need enough faith to leave with Him.  Leave? Leave and go where, you ask?  Leave the way you’ve always done life and start doing things differently with God.  Leave the attitude, leave the stubborn pride, leave the right to be right, leave the control, and biggest of all, leave the unbelief.

Talk about starting your day on the right foot!  Resisting distractions, denying my flesh, and drawing near to Jesus has already changed my attitude in 2 days:)  I’m actually excited for the rest of the week, and sooo encouraged by all of you that decided to follow along and walk alongside me on this journey.  So that’s that.

Next, I know waaaaaayyy long ago I showed you a couple of sneak peeks on instagram of the boys room, and then NOTHING.  Well, that’s because nothing really happened.  I got myself a bit burnt out on the bedroom projects, got it to the good enough stage, and walked away.  This last week I did a few more “tweeks” but it has a ways to go yet.  Either way, I thought I’d show you real life and what stages of decorating look like:)  This is also where the Etsy shop comes into play:)  My friend Meg owns an etsy shop called SakatahColors.  I found her when Beckett was first born and noticed she lived quite close to me.  She had the most adorable baby stuff ever! And I snagged a cute blanket (that Beckett is obsessed with still) and some leggings and a hat.  I would have bought it all, but I did have to create some boundaries:) Anyway, over the last 10 months we have gotten to know each other better through instagram and emails and I absolutely love her heart!  She loves Jesus, is an Aussie native (I still can’t wait to hear her talk:) and has an amazing eye for design.  So recently she asked if I would help promote her crib sheets.  Umm….yes please!  She let me pick a couple that would go good in the boys room and I got this adorable package in the mail.

photo (67)

Isnt’ her packaging great?  Her clothes come just adorable as well:)  I couldn’t wait to try them out.  Of course I had to go with the buck sheet first.  I must say, when Beckett was first born I was looking on etsy for buck sheets, and I found a couple I liked but they were $80 and I just couldn’t do it!  I think Meg’s are super affordable at $42, especially when you see all of her amazing fabrics she has!

So, I snapped  a few “in progress” pictures of the boys room so show you how these sheets just helped to pull it all together!


The blanket on the side is the one I bought from her previously, although I haven’t seen any of those in her shop lately.  Lucky me to snag one!


I’ve seen a lot of gray and white bucks, but the black and white are perfect in here!

boy nursery

I found the barnwood frame at Goodwill for $20.  It had an AMAZING oil painting of a cabin in the woods, if you know what I mean ;)  I took a little chalkboard paint, and painted right over that sucker, and voila!  Nursery decor:)

boy nursery

That cute hamper came from Walmart, and I think it was only $13?  I thought that was a steal, and super functional!

boy nursery

Here’s some of the “in between” phase.  We finally made a cabinet to cover the ugly electrical box (because apparently you put that in a bedroom in an old farmhouse???) but have yet to paint it.  I think I’m going to paint it the color of the wall to help disguise it, which is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

On the other side of the room is Tates bed.

industrial boy room

Can you spot what in this picture doesn’t look like Allie??  I went out to eat one night with my girlfriend and came home to not only one…but TWO turkey mounts hung!


Seriously?!?  I told sweet tater bug that you know how much mom doesn’t like feathers, but I love you so much more that I’ll let you keep one!  Oh the sacrifices of having hunters:)

Both are still up, and actually on this bare wall I have pipes to do a floor to ceiling book shelf that will house those cute baskets I found from home goods underneath.  Another project on the list.

Oh, and to move a turkey.


goof ball had to get in on the action.  Isn’t he cute:)  We hung these pipe curtain rods with ikea grommet curtains.



I cut the cost in half by cutting each panel in half and hemming the edge:)  I also found these blinds at Menards on clearance for $7 each.  The one on the left isn’t hung yet because they only had two the right size, and the third one I bought was too long.  I’m going to try to chop saw off a couple of inches and see if that works:)


Here’s  abetter view of this wall.  That door is a nice size walk in closet that houses all of the kids clothes, as well as a lot of their toys.  Tate also has a big tub under his bed with toys in, and these amazing lockers store a lot out of sight as well:)

industrial boys room

I just had to buy this cute sign from my sister at Whimsy.  Isn’t it fun?


And that about does it so far!

I’m hoping one or two more work days and I can show you a little more completed room.

And just to clarify, I will respond back to comments on here.  I am just not going to be scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for the next 5 days, so I’ll get back to you soon if you contact me there:)


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  1. I love it all! And I too am working on the ‘no screen’ time! So far, it has been refreshing and surprisingly nice.

    I love the bed!
    I have looked for one like that. Where did you find it?

  2. I love it – all of it! I too started the summer with a “no screens” policy for just the boys. Then realized about 2 weeks ago, that really that rule needed to be in place for ME! I am SO addicted and felt like I was numbing my mind for no apparent reason which in turn was giving me short patience and a bad attitude! Argh – Satan winning! So after deciding to 86 screens for the ADULTS in the family (similar boundaries to you – blogging when children are sleeping still okay), my mind is sharper, my tongue is softer and my heart is more grateful. Keep at it – and I’m for sure going to have to pick up that book you’re reading!

  3. Wow!! The boys room looks awesome and HUGE! I thought older farmhouses had tiny bedrooms with no storage! Or did they move to a different room? How big is it?

    Good for you with being screen free. Definitely something I need to work on. I really want to read the book you are reading also :)

    1. Well tate switched rooms with Kynlee, and her room was always big. Her new room is tiny and has no closets:) This room was actually two feet wider until we re-did the stairs. It was huge for an old farmhouse! Props to that! Haha, and praise the Lord for a walk in closet since all three kids need to share it!

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