I don’t know about you, but in our house we’ve had quite a few nights where the kiddos are up or complain of their ears hurting.  I have taken them in quite often when they were little and done the 10 days of antibiotics, and quite honestly, I hate doing 10 days of anything.  And I hate that their ears got no relief at the moment.

Now that the kids are a bit older, the ear aches don’t come as often, but just 2 weeks ago Tate was in tears because of his ears hurting so bad.  And a few weeks before that Kynlee was up at night complaining of pain in her ear.  I was actually a tiche excited to try out my oils on the ear and see how they work, although I do not like to see my kids in pain…just to clarify:):)

There are a few different “concoctions” you can use for ear aches, but the one I used was Lavender oil and Purification oil.





I like this one because both of these oils come in the start up kit that I talked about in this post.  So, if you buy in as a distributor and pick the premium starter kit, you’ll have both oils.  Plus, the whole start up kit is about the price of an office call.  Just saying:)

So, what I did for Tate that night was I rubbed some lavender on the outside of the ear as well as rubbed it on the inside.  You never want to put oil in the ear canal, just rub it inside.  I then did the same thing with the Purification.  With the leftover I had in my hand I rubbed behind the ear and down his neck.  I’ve also read that you can soak a small piece of cotton in the oil and place it in the ear and rub the leftovers behind and in front of the ear.

After rubbing the oils on, and what seems to bring Tate the most immediate relief, is I run a rag under hot water and put it on his ear.  Seriously the other night he was crying laying on the couch, I put the oils on and he ended up falling asleep with the hot rag on his ear.  I was expecting to be up all night with him but he ended up sleeping through the night and hasn’t complained of any pain since.  I did the same concoction on Kynlee a few weeks before that with the same results.  The kids haven’t been on antibiotics for ear aches in years, and we haven’t had a ruptured ear drum yet….knock on wood:)

One more side note for the purification oil, we’ve actually used this oil on our Golden Retriever, Neeko.  She’s been known to get ear infections and the poor girls ears bug her pretty bad.  We just dip a cotton swap into the oil and rub it in her ear.  It’s really seemed to help, and that’s another great thing about oils, most all of them can be used on animals.  You’ll just want to research a bit before using because I know some can’t be used on cats and so on.


Let me know if you have any tried and true oil concoctions for ear aches/infections!  We love testimonials:):)


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12 thoughts on “OILS FOR EAR ACHES”

  1. The Young Living oil Melrose is excellent for earaches too, used in the same way you suggested. It has brought great relief to both our baby (both hubby and I up in the middle of the night with her, wondering what in the world would bring her relief as quickly as possible), and our 5 year old son a few months later. He was able to talk and say, “Wow! Mom, it doesn’t hurt any more!”……..and headed straight back to bed. :) I put on a few more times over the next couple days, just for good measure. Still learning (note that my experience is with Young Living oils, 100% pure), but love the oils I’ve used so far!

  2. I have a Miniature Schnauzer, her name is Lola, and she scratches her ears quiet often, I clean them it helps for a little while but not long. I don’t have any oils and have never used any, I would love to try it on her to see if it would help her.

  3. I use a drop or 2 of my Lavender oil with my free and clear laundry detergent when I wash our bedding. It makes it smell great plus Lavender is supposed to be a soothing scent to help you fall asleep! I always put it with the detergent to dilute it so no oil stains show up on the sheets.

  4. We use panaway for ear aches at our house, and it works fantastic!! I dilute it with the YL carrier oil, and then put it on the same way you have here :)

  5. We just had the same ear problems with our kids a couple nights ago! The hot compress really helps! My next suggestion is doing an ear candle after you get the oils going on them, someone told me about that last week and I’m def. going to have some of those on hands to suck out that stubborn moisture! Just for reference for people with questions; I’ve done this on infants and it works great! Just dilute if you’re worried, but there should be no worries with those two oils-Lavender is awesome and purification is less potent than tea tree oil (which is what I typically go to for ear infections concoctions; lav. & t.tree)

    KEEP POSTING LADY! Love this segment :)

  6. Sew up a few rice therapy packs out of 100% flannel :) My boys love them for tummy troubles, headaches or ear issues (I use mine for my sinuses/allergies). Soothing heat without having a wet washcloth getting cold or dampening your sheets :)

  7. Jennifer Todnem

    I’m just starting to use oils, I’m 4 months pregnant and have been having really bad back/butt pain. I got the deep relief roll on. There are times I can’t even walk when I get this pain, I use the oil and 10 min later the pain is gone and I can walk again! It’s amazing! I can’t wait to start using more different oils.

    1. First of all congratulations on the pregnancy! I love oils so this in no way is any thing against them. But ,when I was pregnant with #3 I had similar issues. At one of my OB appointments I brought this up and she told me that she didn’t doubt it because my hip bones were way out of line. One was way higher than the other. I guess that is very common issue in pregnancies. She told me to visit my favorite chiropractor and get adjusted. It was an instant relief and only had to go back to do the same thing 1 more time several months later about a week before I delivered. My Chiropractor also told me that being adjusted close to your due date is a great idea because being perfectly aligned makes delivery a lot easier. He is a good friend of mine so I know that he didn’t just say that to get a few bucks out of me! Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  8. Valerie Rivera

    I am so glad I saw this, my golden is always shaking his head and we know it’s because of ear discomfort but nothing seems to work. I am going to try this! Thanks!

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