On a Mission….

Last Thursday I was on a mission.  See, I had moved this dresser out of my back entry on the last day of the Whimsy sale.  It didn’t end up selling, but I was adamant not to bring it back in…

Christmaspics 007

Ha, shows how bad this corner had gotten, I couldn’t find a picture of it since when we first moved in.  Since then I re-did the dresser and it turned out really cute.  It’ s currently in the barn though, and I”m a bit too lazy to go take a picture of it.  Maybe someday:)   So, This back entry has become a bit of a catch-all.




No wonder why I haven’t photographed it:)

 The dresser was overflowing with coloring/arts and crafts stuff, and dvds barely fit in the middle drawer.  Since we have a lack of storage already, I need to make every space count.  I found this from ikea and thought it would be nice…


Of course I”d get it in white.  What I loved about it is that it is tall, 77 1/2″, but more importantly, narrow.  It’s only 14 1/2″ deep.  This would open up the space a bit.  I was hoping the price was right, and although $365 isn’t  a ton of money for a big piece, it was a bit more than I wanted to spend.

I found out that the week after Whimsy, there were occasional shops near us that were open.  I thought maybe I could find a treasure at one of these, so my sister-in-law graciously watched my kiddos for a couple of hours so I could scour the stores for a good deal. Thanks Brielle!

I did find one piece that I loved, but it was again over the budget at $450, but what  a cool piece!

photo (5)

It was the perfect size.  I thought I would have painted the black white, and distressed it, and then left the wood doors.  But, I stuck to my guns and passed it up.

I ended up having no luck  with that piece, but what I did find was something else I had been looking for for awhile.  Small dressers for my nightstand.

I found this little cutie at the first store I went to for an amazing deal of $59.

photo (6)

The lady did such a cute job of painting it light blue and distressing, but of course it wasn’t quite what I was looking for color wise.  Such a shame, but I’d have to give her a makeover…

So let me just take you back to the small nightstands I had before…


And here’s how it looks now…


You’ll notice I kept the hubby happy with what’s hanging above the bed as well!  Although it still needs to have the base cut and painted white:)


This piece was a solid, well-built piece of furniture.  The piece was originally all cherry.  And I know there are a lot of cherry fans out there, but the color was a bit too red for me.  I tamed it down by sanding the drawers and staining them with Minwax “Weathered Oak” stain.  It was still a bit more “red” than I would like, so I took a dry brush and brushed on a tiny bit of white as well to give it more of a whitewash look….


I painted the body of it white and added some numbers…


Because everything is cuter with numbers:)

I topped it off with a date with the power sander, and she was finished.


I lucked out on the hardware, I loved the original.  And my favorite part is this cute little board that pulls out on top..


Now Ry doesn’t have to complain about my decorations and not having space to set anything.



So once side of the bed is done, I”ll show you the other side next.  It’s not as great of quality as this cutie, but it gives a similar look:)



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3 thoughts on “On a Mission….”

  1. I have been enjoying seeing you projects come alive.. although I am NOT as huge of a fan of white as you….I love the natural- wood- look! (:

  2. Cute! I need some of your good luck finding furniture. We moved in October and still do not have nightstands. There seems to always be something to work on though. (Noticed you have One Thousand Gifts on there… love that book!!)

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