Opening Day…Whimsy Green!!!

Wow!! What an amazing weekend….and exhausting:)  We had our first ever occasional sale in the big red barn and it was a great success!!  Thank you so much for everyone who came to support us.  It was so fun to see your faces walk through the door.  And the new people that we got to meet, from blog followers to neighbors, to facebook fans:)  We feel truly blessed.  And a huge shout out to all of my college girls that traveled a long way to come and make it super special!!! Thanks ladies!!!!! Love you:) :)

Also a HUGE shout out to my mom who was up every morning as 6 making fresh baked cookies and cleaning my house so people could walk through it and not have it look like a tornado:)  Love you mom!!!

I just want to show you some pictures I snapped quickly Thursday morning before the craziness.  Sarah snapped some that will look a lot better that I’ll show later, but I thought some of you might be curious what Whimsy Green turned out to be…especially my far and away blog fans:)

First I’ll show you the crew that put this together.  Here is myself with 2 of my sisters, Mel and Sonia.  We are hoping to get our other sister in on a sale too:)

I know…hard to tell we are related:)

My mom and my friend Sarah weren’t in the picture…but helped out immensely!!  Mom’s baking cookies/housekeeping/watching kids/getting ready (that’s all) and Sarah’s behind the camera:)

My favorite area of the shop was the gallery wall.  I love gallery walls and I think this one turned out pretty amazing with the wood background!

and one more..

The pictures aren’t the best quality, but it was a gloomy, dreary, rainy day.  We actually got over 4 inches of rain on Thursday.  The Lord took care of us and kept us dry in the barn:)

The bright kids room:)

and then a little shabby chic area..

and the cozy bedroom

and I loved the view from behind the checkout desk…

I feel like a broken record again, but one last big shout out to my hubby…who completely renovated our house, worked on a guest house, and helped me finish off a barn so I could pursue my dream….all within 11 months!  You’re the best!!  Love you lots!!!


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13 thoughts on “Opening Day…Whimsy Green!!!”

  1. Audrey Gleason

    My sisters and my mom made it to the sale in may and i thought it was very cute! Just wondering if and when you have another sale could you keep me posted?


    1. Thanks Audrey! We had so much fun doing it!! We are going to have a July sale, and tentatively it looks like the 26th and 28th. We decided to open just Thursday and Saturday as Friday was quite slow and it’s hard to find daycare for 3 full days for these stay at home moms:) I’ll add your name to the email list though and send out more details the beginning of July. Thanks again and we hope to see you:)

  2. Looks like a success!! Wasn’t able to make to the sale… was out of town, do you have a date for the next one?

    1. The sale was a blast, and we’d love to see you at the next one:) tentatively I think we are planning on the last weekend in July, but we will firm up dates in the next couple of weeks and let you all know:)!!

  3. It looks fabulous, Allie! I’m thrilled for you that it went well in spite of the rain. Hopefully when you have your next sale, I can grab my mom and come out for a girls day. For some reason I thought your new place was somewhere other than Dassel. I’m excited because now I KNOW I can make it to one of your sales.

  4. I can’t believe how much is in these pictures! You guys sold a lot of things! You should be so proud of yourselfs :)

  5. Lots of credit to you Allie! Your shop looks amazing! I wish I could have had a chance to come and check it out! Next time…hope your weekend was great!

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