Paint Colors…and an Anniversary

I have had some interest in the paint colors I used throughout my house and have not gotten to it for quite some time.  So today I’m gonna share with you what we used.

I kinda fell in love with the Martha Stewart colors, especially since I ended up painting my cabinets in Sharkey Gray, which is one of her cabinet colors.  The rest of the colors just seemed to flow well with it.  So, here’s the color of the cabinets…

I love this color because it is a warm gray, and almost seems like a beige at times.  I didn’t want to have a cool gray on my cabinets.

So for the background color in my kitchen I went with the same line, but a little lighter.

This color is called Gull, from Martha Stewart

I love this color because it goes with just about everything.  And it kind of takes on a chameleon effect, changes in different rooms.  I also have this color in our upstairs bathroom that I just revealed.

My last main color on our lower level is –surprise–another Martha:)  I love the complete white cottage look, but I mostly like that when the walls have wood treatments on them.  Otherwise it can look a little cold to me.  So, since we don’t have wood treatments (yet:)  I didn’t want to go with a stark white.  Maybe someday.  Until then I went with a little bit warmer color (but still super light.)

This color runs throughout my living and dining room.  I did a natural break by the kitchen and it is very unnoticeable (which I like) into the Gull. This color is called Glass of  Milk, by Martha Stewart.

If you look at all three colors together they are all very soft and subtle, which is what I was going for.  I did end up putting a little bit darker color in my bathroom to draw in some more warmth, and that was a color from Walmart called Newsworthy Neutral.  It was in the Better Homes and Gardens colors and a Dutch Boy paint.

and here’s the swatch..

So that sums it up  for the lower level.   After I show the rest of the reveals upstairs I’ll do another blog on those paint colors.  If you read my title though, we also have a little celebrating to do!

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog post!!

Wow, one year ago today we purchased this quaint little hobby farm on an auction ( one of the most nerve wracking things I have ever done) and turned it into our home.  And technically, we didn’t close on it for another 45 days, so we are a month and a half away from living here one year.  I still look back and the demo and makeover blogs and can’t believe what has happened in one year.  Wow!!  If you didnt’ check out that blog post this takes me back at least to memory lane, the day there were 200 + people at our house bidding and buying all sorts of stuff.  Pretty sure we got the best thing:)


I’m so thankful to enjoy this summer this year:):)



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