Paint, Friend or Foe??

I never truly understood the power of paint until I owned my first home…and even then I couldn’t use it…well, not the way I wanted too.  When Ryan and I got married we moved into the birdhouse as I have mentioned previously, and that’s when some of our biggest fights began.  Silly, I know…but they were over paint!  Ryan had deemed the perfect bachelor pad and then a girl comes in and tries to change, well..almost all of it!  Tries to being the key words there.  Have I mentioned that I am married to quite a persistent man?  Maybe a little stubborn?  I had met my match…and the Lord chuckles:)   Yes I got married and was thinking I was going to pursue on this wonderful dream of decorating my first home…just what a girl always dreams of right?  Okay, maybe not everyone, but that was my dream.  Well there were just a few setback:

1.)  Ryan was determined that his outdoor prints were to stay–they had sentimental value but were really clashing with my style

2.)  His wall of black ash tongue and groove was screaming at me to paint it white….but how dare you paint wood!!

3.)  Apparently light blue is a girly color?  Blue…really?  Whoa was that a fight, and in the end it ended up….light blue:)  Can’t say I’m truly proud of that, at the time it was like world war three and now I say to myself, why didn’t you just go with the khaki.  Keep the peace.   It did look nice though:)

and lastly…

4.)  Boys do care!!  At least mine does, and he is not the type you think would!  As naive as I was thinking only girls enjoyed decorating, I kind of -maybe- didn’t completely realize that boys still need to see themselves in a room.  Hmm…imagine that!


So, in the end I got to paint the trim in the bathroom and our bedroom white, the living room turned out blue, elk antlers graced themselves on our wall…along with 1 nature print, and I gained some of Ryan’s trust with my future decorating choices, as long as it wasn’t in the birdhouse.  And if your wondering, the black ash wall remained black ash.

Don’t mind the HUGE picture, that’s how it loaded…or the pregger belly, that’s tate:)  But that’s all I had for a little taste of the black ash in the birdhouse!

So, the moral to this story is that marriages can end over paint.  No no no, just kidding…but close:)  Actually I did learn a lot from that little birdhouse.  I learned that Ryan’s voice needs to be heard (and that goes for everything, not just paint)  That I will survive if I don’t always get my way, Lord help me…and that trust and respect in everything, including decorating, comes with time.

But I can’t wait to show you all how else I have used paint to transform things that seemed quite, well…unlike me shall I say?? To things that I love in my home now, stay tuned:)


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7 thoughts on “Paint, Friend or Foe??”

  1. Melissa Castillo

    Allie, I learned this lesson the hard way also. I went in with all my own ideas assuming that Adolfo didn’t care…oh how wrong I was!!! I have learned that he needs to have input into how our house looks. He was the same way with the wedding. He wanted to have input into everything there too! I can’t complain though…I have a husband who wants to participate!!!!

  2. We used to have “discussions” over paint. Until I painted the living room four times in two years. Then it became “you can paint it whatever you want as long as I don’t have to help” – which is exactly how we’ve solved the paint wars!

  3. Allie-it is so nice to hear your real-life stories. Things that happen in real life. Things that most couples deal with and things I can relate to so well! I learn something everytime I read a post of yours. Thank you!

  4. Allie –

    I love the reference to the elk antlers – we have four deer antlers that have graced our living room! Compromise is key!


    1. Love it Morgan, you are truly a great wife:) The elk antlers have now moved into the man cave in the basement so they no longer stare at me while I am watching tv, so props to you my friend!!

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