When we moved into the pop up for the summer 2 years ago, I had so many people tell me about Pinterest and how much I would love it.  Unfortunately we didn’t have internet, so I always smiled and said thanks, I’ll have to look into it:)  In the back of my mind I was thinking, I already have too much to do/look at, do I really want to add one more thing to my life??

Well, eventually I did.


Actually, surprisingly, I was able to exert quite a bit of self control.  I think for a diy-er like myself, Pinterest can become very overwhelming.  I loved all of the ideas, but I just felt like I couldn’t do all of them, so I would pin a few, then not go on for another couple of weeks and try to actually accomplish a couple.

I loved looking at projects like this…



and this…



and this…



And thought, I can do that.  And did!

But then sometimes I ran into a problem.  I started seeing pictures like this….



and this…



and this…



 and found myself looking around my house and becoming a bit discontent.  I would think, my house is so dull. and found myself always wanting to change something to try to achieve those looks.   That’s when I realized something.

1.) I’ll always want to change something:)

but more importantly

2.)  I need to be content with what I have.  These pictures were all in my “dreaming” board, and that’s the truth.  They would all just be in a dream.  It will never happen.  So why do I set myself up for failure and discontent like that?

I realized I needed to know my limits and boundaries.  Pinterest wasn’t worth looking at if I felt defeated and discontent.  It was worth looking at if I could feel inspired and uplifted.

So now when I look at Pinterest I usually only pin pins that I know can be achievable in my world.  With my budget, and my skills.  Sometimes I still pin pins like those above because I can like the furniture layout, or one idea in the picture that I can execute, but more than not I look at them and say that’s beautiful, and keep going.

What’s been even more fun for me on Pinterest lately is to see some familiar pins.  I was on yesterday and saw this pin that was pinned by the Home Depot!



I was like a giddy little school girl.

It said….

This kitchen update turned out so beautifully! The cabinets are Sharkey Gray from Martha Stewart Living | From Allie of Proverbs 31 Girl blog.

Even though I know that I have a few followers, I’m always blown away when I see something and realize that what I write and post, people are reading!  And hopefully getting inspired:)  Every time I’m humbled and surprised!

I got a call from my mom a few months back when she was in Florida, and she was sayings she was scrolling through Pinterest and couldn’t believe when she came across my living room on one of the boards she follows:)



This ones on there a few times:)  I especially liked the saying that was attached to this one specifically…

Love this idea for a reading nook in your room – pay no attention to the blog post where the crazy woman painted curtains! LOL

HA!  Made me laugh:)  I am crazy sometimes.  You gotta be to save a buck or two:):)

So, I just wanted to throw out a huge thank you to you all.  The Lord seems to continue to bless our family and this sweet little blog we have started, and yet again I am humbled:)  And giddy:)  and loved:)


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21 thoughts on “Pinterest….”

  1. Leigh Ann Pickett

    Hi Allie
    I am “new” to decorating, in fact I have no clue what I am doing. I stumbled across your blog and I LOVE IT! You have great ideas. I, like you, love distressed furniture and bought my first piece to try it out on. I have booked marked your blog and look forward to new additions.
    Thank you for the easy step by step instructions.
    You are inspiration to us newbies!!!
    Leigh Ann

  2. I found your blog through Pinterest too and have read back through so many posts! Love your style and your house- I particularly love those two framed pieces behind the reading chair, but I can’t seem to find where you got them.

    1. Thanks Cait:) I actually bought them as is on an online auction site. It was quite the find. They are just old feed sacks that a man framed though, and used plexiglass cut to size so I’m sure you could re-create them!

  3. christina larsen

    I love your blog! Not only for the great decorating and design ideas but for your heart. I might have to try that chevron patterned sign, maybe even I can do that! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  4. I just discovered your blog and I love it but I can’t find a way to sign up to get it by email? Hope you can help. Thank you, Sue

    1. Thanks so much for reading!! I’m sorry, I don’t have an email option yet. I set up the blog by myself and am still learning. One of these days I hope to pay someone to help me out:) Sorry!

  5. Oops, guess that person never thought the original source would she her rude comment!

    As for painted curtains I just told my husband this week I was going to use your idea for curtains in our newly updated living room – and he is so used to my crazy finds he didn’t even bat an eye!

  6. I’ve been following you all the way from Sydney Australia and I love your blog, I love all your DIY ideas. Ive seen some of your pics on pinterest as well and i think what you have done to your home is beautiful and amazing. Thankyou

  7. I have both of your pictures pinned because I just loved them! Love your home and blog and you do inspire me so much that I painted my backsplash with chalkpaint:)

  8. YOU are such an inspiration! Pictures of your house are on my “dreaming” board! I have 4 children 9yrs. and under so I have very little time to scroll through Pinterest or all the many blogs out there, but your blog is different. I get giddy when I see you have a new post! I take time to read your blog not just for the pictures and ideas of your gorgeous home, but also because inspire me spiritually. There have been several times when I’ve come on here and you’ve written about something I’m currently struggling with! He’s using you in a wonderful way and I thank you for responding to Him and taking time to inspire us!

  9. Hi! I discovered your blog a bit ago and love it! The other evening I read all about your little one who is dancing in heaven. I sat reading with tears running down my face. thank-you so much for sharing that. ps I’m going to create a “chose to shine” picture.Love your blog- I check everyday!

  10. Renee Sylvers

    Great blog Alllie. That frame with the wire and clothes pins to hang pics …. I saw something like that a couple week ago at Marshalls. I loved it. Almost bought it and then thought: I can do that!!! The one I saw had kind of a cool twist though. The top half was for pictures and the bottom half was a chalk board. I liked that idea. Although I figured that even the one you showed could have “notes to self” attached to the clothes pins as well. (I’m getting to that age, ya know!! :)

    Thanks. I’m also glad you were able to soar above the “crazy lady” comment. I’m sure it was meant in a good way. :) “crazy creative”, etc.

  11. Pinterest is how I found you my dear. I find myself finding blogs to fall in love with all bc of a simple picture. Thank you for the insight on pinning. I really think you have a fabulous grasp of how to use it. I need to follow your lead. In the pocketbook AND my heart will be ever so grateful.


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