Well, a lot has been going on in that little man cave of mine…I mean Ryan’s…  :)

It’s coming along so well that I kind of want to claim it for myself!  But alas, soon dead animals will inhabit it and I may have to hand over the torch. *sigh*

So the last I showed you on here, was when Ryan had finished the planking but hadn’t painted anything yet.  It looked like this…


and if you have been following along with me on instagram then you have seen some sneak peeks of what we’ve been up to!  It’s even fun for me to see the crazy transformation.  Here it is now…


Just a little difference.

Our marriage almost ended over spraying the planks.  For real.  haha..and this is why we could never have a show.  But we pushed through! I said TRUST ME… he said, this is my mancave.  I said TRUST ME!  He’s such a good hubby:)  Anyway, we left all of the nail holes unfilled (yay for saving time) and sprayed the walls in a matte finish which allows some of the texture of the wood to show through and makes it really rustic feeling.  We were both surprised how much it made the planks pop!





I heart paint.

I also am in love with the barnwood in here..


This room is super hard to photograph with all the windows. Although there is a lot of dimension in the wood, it’s not quite as stark as it shows in the pictures.  But all of the barnwood came from this building!  It was the floor of the loft actually.  Ryan scrubbed them down and let them dry and  they were ready to go!  Two things I love about it.  1.)  It keeps a piece of the original building here (history) and 2.) It was free!!!  It makes such a great statement wall.


this is to the left of the fireplace, and there’s a little secret in this wall…


a hidden door to house all of the electrical equipment.  You guys, my hubby seriously is the jack of all trades!  Didn’t he do an amazing job on this!


We have a big old chucky beam to go above the fireplace for a mantle, and then we are hanging a tv above that.  It is a mancave after all:)


and here sits our ceiling.  Ryan wanted tongue and groove.  We will stain it the same color as the trim so it all matches.  No natural pine for this girl:)


speaking of trim, we used pine 1×4’s for that as well.  I wanted to paint the trim gray.  I guess that wasn’t an option:)  So we did a custom mix of stain and got it as close as we could to match. I think it turned out pretty good!


The gray we used is called Porpoise, by Sherwin Williams.  I am seriously in love with it.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a real warm gray but goes so well with the barnwood.


This picture is more accurate.  I also talked the hubs into wiring me him some lights above these big windows.  I bought these lights from Lowes, they are the ones you see all over blogland cause they are only $35!  They came galvanized and I sprayed them oil rubbed bronze by Rustoleum.  We also did one other thing.  This light actually had a higher arch and the bottom of the light was even with the round circle that attaches to the wall, if that makes sense.  Well, the arch got a little too high to the ceiling and the light looked funny hanging too high above the window, so again..the hubs who can do anything, said lets just flip the gooseneck around and make it hang down lower.  For real guys, he can do anything.  And it worked! and I love it even more:)

So that’s where we are at..


All that’s left now is the ceiling and the floors.  Oh, and to clean out all of this “stuff” and make it manly :)

and just because it’s getting so green and pretty around here, I thought I had to leave you with a picture of the view one more time..


Man we are getting excited to be able to use this space!


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  1. I was at your shop today and saw this man cave and it brought my visions for my new home to real life. I love the color of the trim… any idea what colors you mixed? Also did you apply a polyurethane?

    1. The trim is minwax’s special walnut, classic gray and dark walnut. The ratio is about 3 parts Special walnut to equal 1 parts of gray and dark walnut. We were trying to match the color of the natural barnwood as much as possible and that’s as close as we could get:) You are adorable…thanks for the sweet comment and coming out to shop!! Oh, and we didn’t apply any poly. I like the rough old age over shiny:)

  2. My husband and I almost ended our marriage (while we were still engaged) over the hanging of window treatments. It’s funny now, but definitely wasn’t at the time! Every couple I talk to has (at least) one home improvement project they almost got divorced over. The man cave is coming along great…I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job and with your good taste it’s going to be an amazing place!
    Many blessings!

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