There has been a lot of activity around here lately.  Last Thursday Neeko started acting funny and went into labor.  I put on my midwife gloves and helped the girl out and welcomed 6 new pups to our family…..for a little while:)

Neeko was a champ, and the pups came out so tiny!!

photo (33)

I can’t believe these little guys are created in just 9 weeks.  Pretty amazing.  Awesome God.

photo 1 (1)

and it’s also amazing how puppy momma instincts kick in just as soon as they are born!

photo 2 (1)

Proud Momma!

photo 2 (2)

And we ended up with 3 boys and 3 girls.  I must say, she made labor and nursing look so easy…wish it was like that for us!

The pups have been getting no shortage of love!

photo 4 (1)

We pretty much don’t even need toys anymore;)

And they are a hoot to watch…


I love when they snuggle bug all up together:)


So far we are claiming that little blondie girl on the left…but we have to wait a few weeks to see her personality:)


They are 8 days old and still haven’t opened their eyes…we are excited for that day!

as for now, they pretty much nurse 20 hours a day and sleep the rest…poor Neeko:)  And they are staying comfy in our office. Ha!  Didn’t think I’d see the day!


Once they start bailing from the pool though, they will get moved outside.  No pooping or peeing on this girls carpet!  :)

Happy Friday!!


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1 thought on “PUPPY LOVE!”

  1. There were 3 puppies born in my bathroom at the farm on May 19th. Then Allie had to go to Watkins Vet Clinic and have 3 by c/section at 5 in the morning. One died so we have 5 live puppies. One female and 4 males. They are Epagneul Breton (French Brittany) the smallest pointing bird-dog there is. This is year number 8 for whelping at the kennel. Each litter has its own story !! Have a great adventure with this litter.

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