My friend Sarah, who took all of the amazing pictures we got with Juliet, put together a slideshow with her husband to play at Jules’ funeral.  They did such a great job with it that I wanted to share it with those of you who weren’t able to make it.

Hanging out in the hospital room for 12 hours payed off after we saw the raw emotion Sarah captured through her photos the day Juliet was born.  We first saw these pictures when the slideshow was put together and it brought us right back to that day.  A memory we will treasure forever!  Thanks so much Dan and Sarah!


To everyone that came to celebrate Jules’ life yesterday…thank you.  We were amazed by all of the love and support!  A big thank you also to Pastor Jeff, what a perfect sermon for little Jules’ and her story!  You did an amazing job.  Also thank you to Martin for the great worship….we truly could feel God’s presence.


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37 thoughts on “Slideshow”

  1. What a beautiful life that was captured here. Thanks for sharing. Your family has been a blessing.
    God bless you on this journey going forward.

  2. Lynn Severson Otto

    Allie, Ryan and family-
    I wanted to lend my support at Jule’s service, but was unable to do so. THANK YOU for sharing part of your service and your lives through this touching slideshow. Tears are rolling down with beautiful pictures, songs and love of God exuding from all of you and touching my heart…thank you for sharing with such transparency, honesty and faith.

    Love and Prayers,
    Lynn Otto

  3. Oh Allie & Ryan… Words cannot explain what I feel for all of you right now. This video is absolutely beautiful (although those words dont even begin to emphasize it enough)… I feel so empty when I think back to the day I came to visit and got to hold Jules and cuddle her in my own arms. What an amazing gift from God she was. She has touched the lives of SO many and has been an amazing reminder for me to enjoy the simple things in life… every day! Thank you so much for sharing her journey of life with us. You’re both incredible and Juliet was a very lucky little girl to have your whole family while she was here! With an aching heart, remembering all of you in prayers!


  4. Allie and family,

    With tearful eyes, I am so sorry to hear that Jules has “moved on” so quickly. It is so difficult to let go of our dear little ones no matter how many times we have been told they may not stay long. I pray that you continue to receive the comfort and peace that only our Lord and Savior gives. In your sharing Jules with so many, in your proclaiming God as in control, in your belief that our Lord is “faithful and just” you will be blessed, it is promised.

    May our dear ones be preparing a place for us in Heaven and may we continue to share their special place in our hearts, in our lives, i such a way to bring others closer to who created us all.

    Words that speak to me…
    Psalm 31:9
    Matthew 5:4
    John 16:22
    3 John 1:4
    Psalm 86:4
    Psalm 26:7
    Numbers 6:24
    Jeremiah 17:7

    In Christ,

    Ruth Koscak (mom to Matthew Rudy Koscak, 2001-2006, Trisomy 18)

  5. Oh, my….your story is one that has inspired many and touch our hearts. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey.

  6. Ryan and Allie, Thanks so much for sharing these most precious memories in theis way. What a truly amazing path Jesus is walking with you. Just beautiful. Love and continued prayers.

  7. Allie & Ryan,
    Juliet is beautiful, and fully restored in the arms of Jesus. Allow yourselves to grieve and celebrate her precious and short life. Our little amazing Alayna was diagnosed with a chromosome deletion, and went home to be with our Lord 3 years ago. God is glorified through your faith.
    Praying for your family,

  8. I saw a link to your blog several weeks ago through a friend Kimry Kopp on facebook, and Juliet’s story has touched me so much. Thank you for sharing, her life truly has given honor and glory to God, and I pray God comforts you as you remember her. I can’t imagine how much you must miss her- she is so precious. Thanks again,
    Courtney Eng

  9. I’ve followed your blog for several years but this is my first comment. Honestly it’s because I don’t know what to say. Your faith is so strong i feel I have strengthened my own through you. I pray for peace, comfort and strength in the days and years that lye ahead of you and your family. Jules touched many lives in the short time she was here with all of you and you’re slideshow left me in tears. Blessings to you and you’re beautiful family.

  10. The video your friend made is beautiful. I loved hearing Juliet’s voice! Her cry is so precious. You and your family have touched my life in such a magnificent way. Thank you for opening your hearts and sharing Juliet Faith. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just sat here with tears running down my cheeks as I watched this. It was beautiful & touching. You and Ryan hav a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. God is soooo good & so glad you all got to have some time with baby Jules. Will continue to keep your family in our prayers.

    In Christ,

    Susan Howard, South Carolina

  12. I dont’ even know where to begin. So I will begin from the heart. First of all you and Ryan have spiritual wisdom, way beyond your years. Or maybe I’m lagging behind. I just recieived your blog yesterday. I wish we could have come to Juliet’s celebration of life. It must have been outstanding!!!! We too are parents of what I have come to call the special ones. Your blog of Juliet’s life is truely amazing to me because Heidi and I have been through each step of the way that you and Ryan and your family went. Except the funeral. But we have been close. We know what it’s like to submit completely to God’s will. It’s really pretty awesome, is’nt it? It is really amazing when you finally understnad what God’s plan is for you and your children. I could go on for quite awhile. But I better end here. You and Ryan and your family all need to know what a truely great responsibility you were all chosen for. To care for one of God’s special ones and you guys handled it all with class. WHAT A TESTIMONY. What a great God we serve.
    Mike and Heidi Jorgensen

  13. I just finished watching your slideshow about Juliet Faith, thank you for sharing this. Our daughter, Grace, passed away one year ago this week. She was seven years old, the memorial was held on her eighth birthday with birthday cake and balloons sent up to heaven. We miss her terribly, but know that she was SO special she deserved to be in heaven so early. Most people did not know, and still do not know, what to say. I am a Christian, but would not consider myself comfortable “evangelizing” – until Grace’s tumor came back. What a wonderful opportunity to share with her, and her siblings, how great heaven is. She was not only ready, but excited. She has touched so many lives with her story – I konw that Juliet’s story is doing the same. I commend you for your strength. It is obvious from the slideshow that she was loved by your entire family from the instant she was born. What a GREAT message to share. This is all any of us can really do, enjoy the time we have… make the best of it… let others know how much we love them …. and look forward to see our loved ones again in heaven.

  14. Absolutely breathtaking. What an incredible gift!

    Clara and Ian just watched with me…
    Ian wanted to know, “Mommy, why your cheeks all wet?”
    Clara wanted to say, “We prayed for baby Jules a lot and I love her very much. I think she’s hugging Jesus right now in heaven!”

    What a blessing your Jules has been to us and countless others.

  15. Jeannette Bailey

    What a wonderful Blessing your family is !!! I pray our Heavenly Father, will wrap you all in His loving arms, in the weeks & months to come !!! Your journey has been an inspiration of Faith, Hope, & Love, for ALL!!

    Love & Peace to you all,


  16. This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your joy, sorrow and your {Juliet} Faith. Continued prayers for you and your family.

    It was beautiful to hear her sound.

    Rejoice in the Lord.

  17. Glory to God above….beautiful slideshow – Juliet lived a beautiful life – and is dancing with the angels now.

    Allison, bless your heart, and may it be comforted with the peace of Christ and the love of all those around you.

    Love, Wendy Richards

  18. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I love the final song! It says it all. Continuing to pray for all of you!

  19. I was okay until that last song. What a beautiful and endearing story. Thank you every so much for sharing your life with us. You are truly a brave and awesome family and I know G-d will bless you abundantly more than you will ever imagine.

  20. Beatiful and breath taking. There is a photo and the begining that shows a single tear streaming down your cheek that just spoke volumes. Hearing sweet Juliet’s cry broke my heart. I know that she is in God’s arms in her perfect little body and will be there to great your family someday. I hope God grants your family peace. You’re in my thoughts and prayers often. Jules touched my life and I won’t forget her!

  21. What an amazing gift to have; something to cherish forever! You will never know how many people that sweet baby touched and changed forever! I am so moved by your story, may God completely bless your family beyond your wildest dreams! Ephesians 3:20 Now all glory to God who is able, through His mighty power at work in us; to accomplish infinitely more that we might ask or even think!

  22. I only heard about your family a little over a week ago and in this short amount of time, your story and faith through this time in your life has truly touched me and changed me as a mother. I have been praying for your family and will continue to do so!

    In His name,
    Jenny Roberts

  23. How beautiful! Your family is such an inspiration to everyone who struggles with their faith! God bless you all. She is an angel now and looks down from above.

  24. I sit here at my desk with tears streaming down my face, in awe of what I just witnessed through this slideshow. Indescribable beauty, unfathomable love, and deep joy and sadness all wrapped together into a perfect work of art. Only our God could do such a beautiful thing – in Jules, in you, and in everyone who has been touched by your story.

    Thank you for the privilege of watching you as you have suffered, and sorrowed, and now soar with the joy that precious Juliet Faith is dancing in her Father’s arms.

    Love in Christ,
    Audrey Hollatz
    (Monday Night Bible Study)

  25. Juliet Faith lived her life as the most perfect little angel. She truly was a gift of God who touched us all. The slide show is as beautiful as she was. A wonderful keepsake to treasure forever until you meet again. I pray for strength in your days ahead.

  26. Laurayne Velasco

    Alli and Ryan,

    I am so touched and humbled that you shared the video. Such a beautiful little baby who touched the hearts and changed the lives of so many. May she dance and play with the angels and may you be comforted by her sweet memory for your life to come.

  27. What a remarkable slideshow of that precious Angel and Family. God Bless Jules Always.
    What a loving sister and brother she has.
    Gail Nelson

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