Slowly But Surely…

First of all I want to introduce you to some cute little friends we have encountered throughout this process…

awwww, isn’t he cute??

Yep, it’s true.  We ran into a bit of a bat infestation.  Ryan opened up the attic above the kids rooms to run wires and found himself shin high in bat poop and urine.  ISH!!  Him and his two buddies (thanks a millions Jeff and Andy!!) spent a whole day shoveling 10 inch piles of bat poop out of the closet and also eliminating the bat population.  If you are against any cruelty to animals then you may want to skip to the next paragraph.  After about killing 200 bats (4 which Tate killed, proud mama:)  I think it is about coming to an end.  That and 10 tubes of silicone to close up any holes that they were sneaking into from the outside.  So, onto some more fun pictures…

Our stairs are completely framed out, just have to wait for all the rest of the remodel before they can be trimmed and decked out.  I am so excited with how they have turned out…quite a bit grander than I expected!!

There will be railing the whole way up and we brought in an old post to help visualize height!  So fun:)

Here’s the view from the living room.  I’m thinking this 3/4 wall will be where my future wing-back chairs go!

This is the view from standing in the bathroom door.  Also it has a make-shift railing up for safety.  I love though how I can see the living room from my bathroom.  I’ll be able to keep my eye on the little squirts while I’m getting ready!  That and the loft type feel it adds with all of the railings.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

So, this was a huge feat done.  As well as the stairs we got all of the new headers in and you will be happy to know that the house is fully supported now.  It was a bit scary before.  I’ll show pictures later.  As well as the master bedroom, which is turning out to be my favorite room in the house:)  Stay tuned for the on Friday!!

Happy Monday everyone!!


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