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I need a little diversion, and while I’m working on things for Whimsy, I thought I’d show you some changes happening over here.  They happened a while ago actually but I’m finally getting to them now:)

I had bought a mantle that I loved on an online auction about 4 months ago.  If you remember correctly I was using a large shelf for a mantle previously until we could find something different.  Here is what the mantle shelf looked like before..

not 100% awful…it did the trick for a few months.  But remember my inspiration picture I had, the mantle that looked like this..

Imagine my amazement when I found almost her twin on an online auction for $165.  It said it retailed for $750.  Even if I had Ry recreate something like this I think it would have cost us more.  So here she is now:)

Isn’t she pretty:)  When we bought it, it was about a foot too long so Ryan and his dad cut a foot out and re-glued it back together.  Not bad, especially for the price.  We also have to finish the trim work around the fireplace and baseboards.  I think I’ve talked him into at least letting me put some crown around the fireplace as well:)  Good guy too!

I had fun decorating her and kept her sweet and simple for now.  Not gonna lie and say I can’t wait to glitz her up for Christmas:)  I got the big galvanized “L” on a site called Pick Your Plum.  They have one deal a day and when they sell out they are gone.  This guy was only $8, a steal for what I’ve seen them sell for.

My other love are these sconces I got for my birthday.  I sweet talked Ry into wiring in some extra wire that he zig zagged behind the sheet rock before we closed her up.  So once I had the lights he could just cut a hole through and find the wires.  He does love me:)

Love the chunkiness

and one last close up just for fun.  The next purchase is going to be a rug for this area so we can cozy up in front of the fireplace this fall and sip come chai and hot chocolate:)  Kinda gets me excited on these 95 degree days!

I’m heading back out to the shed to sweat a few more pounds off and finish up a couple of dressers for the sale.  Have I mentioned how much stuff we have? It’s gonna be fun…hope to see you there!  If you want to follow Whimsy Green’s status, like us on Whimsy’s Green’s Facebook page:)


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5 thoughts on “Something Fun…”

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I actually ordered our floors on They are a laminate and they are called french bleed. I believe we ordered the chateau color but there were a few more choices on the site when I ordered mine. You can get free samples as well. We have been really happy with them:) Thanks for the comment!

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