I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’m spoiled.  Not only did I get to enjoy a wonderful trip away with my hubby, but on top of that a month later I got to take another trip with some of the best girls ever….my college roommates!  It was quite random really…we were all 29 about to turn 30 and on a whim we decided to try to convince the hubbies to let us get away for a bit.  My ploy to Ryan was telling him he didn’t even need to throw me an awesome surprise 30th like I did for him:)  I would take that stress right off his shoulders:)  Although not all of the girls could come, we were so excited that 5 of us could get away.  And since we could split everything 5 ways it made for a very cheap vacation.

These girls have been amazingly precious in my life.  They became my family in college, sharpening me in my faith and challenging me in my walk with God.  And throughout the years, through babes and marriages…we have grown even closer.  You know you have a true friend when you only see them a handful of times throughout the year, but the bond keeps growing.  We can pick up right where we left off, chat for hours, and laugh uncontrollably.  I love that!  And when our world seemed to come crashing in around us with the news of Jules, these girls were RIGHT THERE!   I got cards, messages, visits, phone calls and they all dropped everything, took of work, and traveled to be there for us on that amazingly hard day of saying goodbye to our little girl for the last time.  Did I mention I love these girls!  Thank you Jesus for friendships such as these, that you continue to bless.

Here’s a flashback to the glory days of college, that’s me on the right with the super short curly hair and beautiful tan:) haha…I think I just got back from spring break Florida trip here too!

and here is us enjoying every second of our vacation in Key West…


We got a smoking deal on a hotel in Key West from Hotwire, it was about half price.

We found this little bakery the 2nd day we were there, it’s called Old Town Bakery..


It was the cutest little bakery ever with the best frozen coffee and sandwiches with different fresh breads made daily.  We ended up going there every morning before heading to beach to get our coffee and sandwich or pastry.


apparently we weren’t he only ones that thought this place was adorable!


This was a lady that was across the street painting the bakery.  She was in Key West for a month to paint and show off her paintings in one of the many galleries at Key West.   When we went over to see her painting, she said I was actually in it:)  I considered purchasing it since it was such a great memory from our trip, but when she said an 8×10 was $450 I started to get dizzy:)

Our other favorite thing to do in Key West was to eat.  Surprise!  They had so many cute little restaurants!


and we loved enjoying the sites!


looks familiar doesn’t it???


We had gorgeous weather, thank you Jesus!


and in true college fashion, we ended our trip with our favorite… a little Chipotle!

IMG_1114Thanks so much babe for letting me go, and mom and dad for watching the kiddos!!

And thanks ladies for an amazing vacation…lets do it again next year shall we:):)


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4 thoughts on “Spoiled!”

    1. :) People used to ask us in college, well if you don’t drink than what DO you DO? Pretty sure we had more fun than most people and we remembered it;)

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