The chance of us having a baby with Trisomy 18 are 1 to every 6-8,000.  They say that 1 in every 400 babies have trisomy 18 but most end in miscarriages before they can diagnose it.

95% of babies with Trisomy 18 are miscarried or born still born.

50% of babies born alive don’t survive to their first week of life.

About 8% live to be 1 year old and only a small 1% make it to the age of 10.

As I was looking up statistics  it was scary what I found.  I found this statistics on a study done in England in 2009.

There were 339 abortions, 49 stillbirths/miscarriages/fetal deaths, 72 unknown outcomes, and 35 live births of babies who had Trisomy 18.

I was astounded at the amount of abortions there were.  And deeply grieved.  How sad that these little babies that have no voice are so easily discarded.

Looking at all of the statistics I realize what a miracle my little lady is.  After her 26 week ultrasound the doctors gave us no hope.  She was said to have 2 holes in her heart, a brain that wasn’t connecting, and so many more problems that it’s too much to list.

The fact that we could bring Juliet home as is with no machines, she never needed a ventilator, her nurse said she can’t even hear a murmur in her heart anymore…it’s a miracle.

She eats on her own, her digestive system is working, and her brain is connecting in some matter to tell her to suck, swallow, and breath all at the same time.

We were praying for a miracle, we just didn’t know what kind of miracle that would be.  Now we know.  The miracle of getting to know our little baby girl.

Only the Lord knows the number of her days, and sometimes I wish he would clue me in…but that’s where faith comes in.  He has given me precious time to bond with this little girl.  And I believe many miracles have been performed already to make her as strong as she is today.  Thank you for your faith and your prayers.  And thank you Jesus for this little Angel Girl!

Happy 2 Week Birthday little girl!!  We love you!!


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26 thoughts on “Statistics”

  1. Thank you for being such an example and light in such a dark world. I love reading your story. I keep tabs through kimry kopp. Praying for you and your sweet family. May God wrap his arms around you and protect you from the evil one and the peace that passes all understanding be yours.

  2. You don’t me, but I just wanted to let you know that you, Juliet, and your family have been in my prayers so very often over these last couple of weeks. A friend of mine shared your blog (we went to high school with your husband, but I don’t know him personally). Your thoughts are so touching and I find your great faith and strength from God to be so inspiring. Your little Juliet is such a beautiful miracle and her life is so precious. She really does have such a great purpose. Mostly I just wanted to tell you that you are all prayed over every day, may you continue to draw your strength from Him, and may he bless your family with abundant joy. Love to you all!

  3. Amazing! Thankful that you’ve allowed the love of God to shine through you and little Jules. This path can’t be an easy one, but please know that God and our prayers are with you.

  4. Oh Allison! She is a joy to “know” thru the pictures and blog you post. I don’t see her imperfections, but I see the beauty in her! She is a bright light that shines thru the darkness!! Wishing you and the rest of the family many more days and months with that little angel!!!

  5. Little Miss Jules – it is so clear your intent for this earth. The message you are sending and the words your Mom is sharing is truly getting through to those that need subtle reminders to have faith in God’s plan. You have no idea who I am, as your message was shared through facebook through a family member of mine, but you have touched my soul today. Thank you for reminding me He is here with us, even if he doesn’t always resond to you directly but through others. Thank you for being my messenger today. God and peace be with you.

  6. Sweet Jules! You are one amazing girl! You are so loved. We are thanking God for every day with you here. Getting to see your sweet face (whether in person or in pictures) is such a gift every time. Your sweet spirit is just a blessing to so many. I pray my life can bless others like yours does. Xoxoxo

  7. Riana Klaustermeier

    A perfect blessing from God! Praying each day for your family, and thanking the Lord for your strength and love :) God bless you all!

  8. I prayed for Juliet, never having met you when Sarah brought it up at our BSF group. Later, tears came to my eyes as I thought of your initial helplessness not to be able to feed your baby. She is a miracle, and my name is Susie. I am the lady Marcia Johnson met at Women of Faith. Since our BSF group has just begun, I couldn’t remember Sarah’s name, yet knew that Marcia and I were both talking about your daughter. What a small world it is and what a big God we have.

  9. Happy two-week birthday, Sweet Juliet. What a mighty warrior you are! Our God is bigger than anything. Hugs and smoochies, Baby Girl!

  10. I love her;).. and I love that you’re sharing you’re story and life, for being so vulnerable and honest. I think of your family and little Juliet so often and am praying for you guys:)

  11. Best wishes for you and the family (:
    I’m so glad that baby Juliet made it through 2 weeks so far.
    Let’s pray that she can be another living testimony.
    God bless you and the family!!
    I love, love, LOVE your creativity by the way! I love architecture and interior design!
    This makes me want to move out and find a place where I can just go crazy! But I’m to young at the moment.
    But anyways, God bless (:

  12. Christina Smith

    She is your miracle angel! What a precious baby! Unfortuantly, I had a niece who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and was an angel before making her appearance here on Earth. It makes you realize how precious life is and to cherish what moments you have with the ones you want! She is doing remarkably well and proving to all of us what a fighter she is!! Reading your story brings such a brighter light to the topic of Trisomy 18, she is truly a miracle and is an inspiriational light to all of us!

  13. christie halonen

    What a precious baby girl you have! She is truely a blessing from the Lord above, to not only your family but in a way to all of us who get to share a little piece of this journey through your wonderful stories you share. May God continue to bless you.

  14. I found your site through a cousin that had a link on FB. We too had a Trisomy 18 baby. She only lived for 15 minutes after birth. Her heart defects were too great for her little body. But we also felt that it was wrong to end any birth by abortion. God gives each of these children into our lives and they are his gifts. Our Meriah was here for such a short time (14 years ago already) but she remains in our hearts. Our comfort is knowing that she is in heaven and no longer has a body with all the defects.

    Your baby Juliet is truly a miracle. Treasure your gift from God. I wish we would have had more time with our Meriah, but God gives life and he also takes it. All of our days are numbered. Some are shorter then others. Will remember your family with lots of love and prayers!

  15. I thought of you and dear Juliet at the Women of Faith conference on Saturday. At lunch a lady with us started telling a story about this amazing family and their little baby. Turns out it was you guys! We all agreed how much we have all learned to have true faith for having walked this path with you. I have also wanted to tell you Alli that I am just down the road and would love to come and help you if you ever want me to now that your mom has left. I can help with the other kids so you have time with Jules or just so you can take a nap! I sincerely would like to help out so don’t hesitate to call me! Love to all you and we keep you all in our prayers. Marcia

  16. Praising God along with you that He is not held down by statistics. He is declaring His marvelous glory through your precious miracle! I excitedly thank God for every day you get to spend with Jules in this life.

  17. Marilyn Peterson

    She truly is a miracle with an inspiring story to tell and you are doing a beautiful job telling that story. Thank you!!

  18. It is amazing how babies are created and develop just so in the womb. It wasn’t until our special needs child was diagnosed at 20 weeks inutero that we realized what a mircle it is that any child is born 100% healthy. All the things that need to come together at an exact time and when they don’t it is then the good lord lays his hands upon us and says without words “I trust you with this gift. I believe in you and only you to love this little angel until it my time to call them home”. What faith and love the Lord has in us! Allie and Ryan as much as I wish Jules’s story were different, I just know the Lord doesn’t make mistakes. May you be blessed with so much love and support that you never forget that “Special children are only blessed to Special Parents”. Blessings

  19. margaret Grieser

    her color is so good on this photo. must be getting better? Pray for you so often and you are on my mind and in my thoughts so much. I pray for your mom and dad too…and the rest of the family…She is truly a miracle that so many of us are being able to witness. Jules Faith….LOVE this is LOVE !!!!!!!! xxxooooo

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