I’m super excited this week to share my patio inspiration with you all!  I wish that we had beautiful green grass and leaves on our trees to show off my patio space, but its still pretty dead here in Minnesota!  But, regardless I wanted to share these links now because patio furniture tends to sell out fast and especially this year when we are all trying to make the most of every single space in our house!  So first let me link the items shown above and then I’ll talk more about each item indiviually:)

 1. /  2. / CHAIRS  3. /  4. /  5. /  6. /  7. /  BLACK PILLOWS / LONG LUMBARBOHO PILLOWS/ SMALL LUMBAR 8. /  a. b. c. d

I wish I could say this was this year, but I had to take a picture from last year since we dont have green yet!  I am updated this space with the current items I shared so you can create it too!  But, I am happy to report that I found this same sofa here, and it’s actually on an amazing sale!  They no longer have the chairs available, but they do have these that would look great with it!  This is the third summer that this furniture will be sitting outside and it’s held up amazing!  We have crazy harsh weather here and I have never covered it!  It still looks just as good as the day I got it!  So it’s worth the investment!  Ps, if you want it all to match, here’s the matching loveseat to the couch!  

Although my chairs orginally came from Target, these Walmart chairs are a great look alike and half of the cost!  I love that it comes with a side table so you can put it wherever you want!  I added my side table by the couch and kept the chairs close together!  This set is also a super cute set for a great price!  

What is better than sitting around a campfire at night?  A campfire that doesn’t leave you smelling like a campfire:)  I love the fire table we have, and although ours is no longer available, I fell in love with this chunky reclaimed wood fire table! The edge is wide enough to set drinks or put up your feet and the ambiance is oh so pretty at night!  Ryan ran a gas line under our patio directly to our fire table so there is no need to hide a tank, but This one I believe comes with a five foot cord that you would have to put a propane tank unless you ran your line directly too it as well!  And if you don’t wanna mess with a fire table, this outdoor coffee table is gorgeous and on such a great sale!  

And if you can’t have a fire table, then these lights add the perfect ambiance as well!  I know that you can buy these lights almost anywhere, but I swear by this brand!  We’ve had ours hanging outside for 3 years now, ALL year long, in the crazy cold and windy winters and through all the storms in the summer, and I have not had one burn out or break!  Plus, on top of that, they are LED and a nice warm glow so it saves a ton on the energy bill!  They are industrial strength and I can attest to it!  I put ours on a timer and they come on every night at dusk and stay on for 4 hours.  I must say, there is nothing better than coming home to a magical lit up patio at night! 

Although we have a round table and chairs that my mother-in-law found for us at a garage sale, I fell in love with this table and chairs!  And it’s actually 40% off right now!  You can find the table here and the chairs here.

We also have this umbrella and I can attest to the great quality!  We love that it can tilt to keep the sun out of our eyes and the fun pop of black and white that it adds!  

If you are a boho fan then this umbrella would be the perfect addition, and the price is right!  

Add a few fun accessories like this summery drinkware!  

And these fun little planters….along with these and these….and you have yourself a little backyard oasis!  

Make sure to check out my instagram stories to see how I styled all of these goodies in my space!  


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