Well, last week I shared my Mother’s Day picks with you, which were all of my favorites.  Since I already owned most of those, I did a little shopping myself this week and purchased a few things to me, from me:) 

1 / 2 / 3 1st rug, 2nd rug, runner / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Oh I am laughing after I uploaded this picture.  I was so excited to see how my new ceiling and rug would look together, I took a pic and realized I didn’t clean my kitchen:)  Oh well, here’s a little real life for you, but I wanted to show you my new rug!  I have been literally drooling over this rug for the last two years.  When I saw it was 20% off (last day today!) I decided it was the perfect mothers day present!  Something you still love 2 years later you know is a winner!  And it didn’t disappoint!  I love it so much in our kitchen!  

My other favorite purchase this week was something I have been wanting forever!  With this patio sitting right under two huge maple trees, it adds the perfect shade, but it also gets super messy!  Maple trees are dropping different things all the time.  I usually need to sweep this patio every morning, or truck to the shed to get the big gas powered leaf blower.  I finally decided that a battery operated leaf blower would be super helpful!  

When I saw the box that this battery operated leaf blower came in, I thought I’d been taken.  This thing is tiny!  But I decided to give it a try anyway, and guess what? Its amazing! This small little leaf blower is so light weight and not only works as a blower, but also as a vacuum!  You can switch the hose to the side and add a bag on the end and it will be the perfect thing to clean out the van!  I loved it so much I’m having one sent to my mom for her mothers day present!  I also have to add I love how it blows off my couch and chairs so well, and my parents have a pontoon down a bank, and usually carry their heavy blower down the steps.  I thought this will be perfect for them to easily carry anywhere!  

I was so super excited to see my favorite faux olive tree back in stock! It’s a big statement at 8′ tall, but also narrow so it fits in so many places.  It also is one of the most realistic faux trees I’ve seen since it is real wood branches and trunk!  

And lastly I wanted to share this fun wood bowl I found!  I am sharing this picture above to show you inspiration of how you can style it, since it’s not the exact bowl.  I took mine to the cabin and haven’t gotten to snap a pic of it yet.  But I love it with wood beads in it, and I think I will be spray painting my wood beads flat black to give a little contrast!  

Lastly I wanted to share these sheets!  They are an insane crazy deal and my favorite part about them, aside from them being oh so soft, is that they are wrinkle free sheets!  I have these on the boys bed and in the camper and they are just amazing!  And you can not beat this price!  

Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there! So grateful for the example my Mom is in my life! Love you Mom!


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