This past week we pulled out camper out of storage and are getting ready to put her out at the cabin.  Every spring I hold my breath and hope all of my peel and stick things stayed put and I don’t walk into a camper with all of my hard work on the ground!  This week I’ll be sharing my favorite products and give you an update of how they’ve held up, going on 3 years now!  

First off, I re-did this camper as a fun project 3 years ago and did it all by myself because Ryan was working non-stop on our cabin.  I did it on a major budget and wrote a blog post on how I did everything.  You can find that post here

For all of the before and afters you can check out the previous blog post I linked, but this will give you an idea of what we were working with.  

I called this project my peel and stick project, since so much of this reno consisted of sitcky backed items:)  The countertops are a high grade contact paper, the backsplash is peel and stick wall pops, and the bathroom floor is peel and stick tiles

And of course my other favorite hack of all time is spray paint!  I spray painted the faucet, oven handle, and light in the kitchen!  Oh, and the hardware:)  I have had a lot of people ask how my peel and stick subway tile has held up.  We get to -30 degrees in the winter and 100 in the summer with crazy humidity.  For me, none of the tiles have fell down.  I know others have had problems with that, but I used no additional adhesive and they are sticking great!  I also did not prime or prep my walls, I stuck them right over the old wallpaper looking walls that were in the camper:)  

This wall of subway tile made the biggest impact in this tiny bathroom and I’m so grateful that they all stayed put!  The flooring was such an easy fix that added a big pop of personality!  Also, I’m still in love with this shower curtain that is such a steal!  Ps, this little towel goes super cute with it as well:)

The only problem I’ve had with peel and stick has been this wallpaper.  It stuck perfectly the first year, and then taking it out of storage year two and three I had pieces that were falling down.  I used loctite adhesive and sprayed the wall and back of the paper and it helps to secure it for the year!  It is a 5 minute fix that I don’t mine doing to keep it looking good!

I’ve been super impressed with this $500 makeover, even 3 years later!  I’m thinking this little camper could use one small update this summer, and I’m thinking the windows need to get sprayed black:)

This camper works amazing for extra sleeping at the cabin and it has been fun to have the aesthetic match that of the cabin as well!


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